We drive end-to-end digital transformation

Banking and Financial Software Development Services

HQSoftware helps banks, financial institutions and FinTech companies create complete solutions that put customers, employees and partners at the center of everything. Using the software we built, our clients are now able to offer new products and services, improve business processes and expand customer bases.

Above all, HQSoftware boasts significant experience in online trading platform development, including secure financial data streaming, real-time data visualization, customizable UIs and much more.

We enable all this by helping you to devise and fulfill a fully-formed digital strategy, with which come better data, a greater understanding of customer needs, and more ways to generate new revenue streams.

One-stop Development Services

  • Strategic consulting
  • Engineering
  • QA and testing
  • Architecture design
  • Integration
  • Maintenance

What We Do

  • Back office

    Get better visibility across the organization, automate operations and streamline processes.

    • Human resource management
    • Corporate e-learning and training
    • Billing
    • Accounting
    • Employee collaboration
    • Document automation
  • Middle office

    Make sure that you make the right decisions on the way to achieving your goals.

    • Risk management
    • Treasury measurement
    • Regulation management
    • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Front office

    Reach out to customers across multiple channels and ensure outstanding banking and financial experiences whatever the device and screen.

    • Online trading systems
    • Internet and mobile banking
    • Payment solutions
    • CRM and CXM
    • Marketing and sales automation
    • Loyalty program management
    • Customer portals
  • Data analytics

    Support every aspect of your business with actionable insights based on clean and precise data.

    • Big data
    • Customer analytics
    • Real-time decision support
    • Visualization
    • Reporting
    • Forecasting
  • FinTech

    Tap into our skills and tools of creating products that bring along revolutionary user experiences in banking and finance

    • Online trading platforms
    • Apps for IoT and wearables
    • Online payments
    • Predictive analytics
    • Blockchain
    • Contactless payments, and more

UX is the King

We believe design is no longer an option, so we take user needs seriously and fully embrace UX to ensure your solution’s success from the onset of the project. HQSoftware knows how to tackle security, data protection and other challenges while still creating great experiences. To make this happen, we:

    • Think about design from the very start
    • Study every step in the user journey
    • Make design and engineering work together
    • Use prototyping to speed up decision-making
    • Test our designs to save costly development time
    • Aim at simple yet secure solutions

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