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Tax Management Software Services

Integrated approach to a modern form of taxation

Consulting on technologies and approaches

Prototyping or MVP to validate the business idea

End-to-end development of tax management software solutions

Enhancing and extending functionality

Integration with other systems, e.g. CRM

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Why Tax Management Software?

Tax management software solutions help effectively carry out all tax procedures and comply with established standards. 

The software automates and simplifies tax management, eliminates complex and routine tasks, and increases the accuracy of calculation and reporting.

Key Features of Custom Tax Management Software

Must-have things for the outstanding performance

Automated tax calculation

A system calculates various types of taxes and allows the creation of custom formulas depending on requirements, products, and industry. Tax reminders keep track of tax payment deadlines and ensure tax returns are filed on time. 

Document management

Software stores details about all money operations and keeps records of paid taxes in a general ledger. It allows you to control all transactions, easily access required information, and pull up financial data for tax calculations automatically.


An application creates reports for tax authorities according to government and local requirements. It offers customizable report templates that can be adapted to specific needs easily. This allows you to speed up report generation and minimize manual work.

Data protection

To ensure the security of business-sensitive data, an app offers multi-factor authentication, biometric security, data encryption, and limited data access. Additional protection measures include the use of AI and ML for fraud detection and identifying shady actions in real-time.  

Payment systems

The software provides a connection with bank accounts, which allows you to set up recurring and automatic payments. In this way, you can be sure to pay all bills and taxes on time.

Standard compliance

Tax management software ensures compliance with numerous tax laws and adapts to fast-changing industry requirements to calculate taxes correctly and file returns in keeping with regulations.

Custom Tax Software Integrations

We provide all third-party integrations you may need

Benefits of Custom Tax Management Software

Why choose custom software instead of a ready-made solution

  1. Automation

    A system automates routine tasks such as form filling and reduces manual work. It simplifies each step of the relevant tax procedures and allows employees to focus on more important business tasks.

  2. Accuracy

    Since software performs a significant number of operations automatically, such as tax calculation or report generation, it eliminates human error and ensures a high degree of accuracy in the final results.

  3. Multifunctionality

    Tax management software can cover various business goals, from tax calculation to payments, according to your business needs. In addition, a wide variety of third-party integrations can greatly enrich existing functionality.

  4. Flexibility

    A custom tax solution is designed to be quite flexible and provides not only a standard set of documents but also customizable templates and formulas. Thus, you can tailor your solution to specific business requirements.

  5. Accessibility

    As the system keeps and organizes all documents and transaction records, instead of wasting time looking for the tax information you need, you can always access it with a few clicks.

  6. Speed

    With automation and compliance with financial requirements, tax management software speeds up all tax and accounting processes greatly, increasing overall productivity

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001

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Cloud-based Solution for Accounting and Tax Management: Reducing the Errors in Accounting Procedures by 76%

The customer is a Swedish fintech startup that is developing a cloud-based solution for accounting, tax management, annual reporting, and more. The solution integrates with popular accounting services to provide users with the most efficient tools.

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Accounting Software with HST Filing Online: 3 Times Faster Tax Submission

HQSoftware has developed an e-Filing app with real-time reporting and a complete bookkeeping SaaS solution to easily manage finances, invoices, payroll, and reports; track rental properties; and calculate and file HST online.

Technologies Used:

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Financial Platform to Conduct Audits of SMSF Funds in Australia: 2-4 Days instead of 2 Weeks

The system was developed for the leading provider of audit services for self-managed super funds (SMSF) in Australia. It performs nearly 10,000 audits per year.

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Why hire tax management developers from our company?

Experienced team

While forming a development team, we carefully analyze your requirements and select the professionals who will best meet all your needs. Our developers are experienced specialists with an average 4-year employee tenure and know how to build tax management software with flawless performance.

Trusted partners

During the course of our work we have completed 450+ projects, gained the trust of over 300 customers, and have seen our expertise recognized by Clutch, GoodFirms, Inc. 5000, and others. In our extensive portfolio, you can find numerous projects in various industries, especially in fintech.

Transparency and reliability

We ensure transparent communication along the entire development process, from consultation to project delivery. You can easily monitor the project’s progress by using special tools, as well as communicate with developers whenever required.

Technological diversity

We can implement various cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, and IoT to enrich functionality and provide seamless performance of your solution. So you can be sure of getting top-notch software that will cover all your business needs.

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