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Hire Top-Notch Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers

  • 20+ years in business
  • Experience across various domains, from e-commerce to healthcare
  • Not just testers, but meticulous and dedicated researchers
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Types of Software We Can Test

Equally thorough approach, whether for a small app or a complex system

Web applications

API / Services (Non-GUI application testing)



Desktop and mobile applications

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001

That is QA at HQSoftware

We believe that implementing a strong QA process is critical to delivering software products that meet the highest standards of quality and usability as well as exceed your needs and expectations.

  • ISTQB®-certified engineers
  • cutting-edge tools to streamline testing
  • early issue identification and resolution
  • data-driven input to optimize testing strategies
  • looking at the solution from the end user’s perspective

Testing Objectives We Follow

Beyond testers, strategic analysts and problem solvers

Prevent defects

by evaluating project requirements, user stories, and design at an early stage

Find defects and failures

to ensure the highest product quality and seamless performance

Verify that the test object is complete

and validate if it works as the users and stakeholders expect

Build confidence

in the quality of project deliverables

Verify the solution

for compliance with specified requirements

Provide sufficient information

to stakeholders, enabling them to make informed decisions about the future of the product

How Testing Contributes to the Success of Your Product

Our QA team is ready to share its vast experience and support your project with industry best practices

Identify inconsistencies in requirements

To eliminate the development of incorrect features and save your resources, testers examine requirements and refine the user story to catch inconsistencies early.

Minimize design issues

QA specialists communicate with system designers to minimize fundamental design issues. Their feedback helps designers and developers make informed adjustments before the system is completed and deployed.

Minimize risk of post-release bugs

Testers validate the software before release to detect issues that might have been missed. So, we deliver a high-quality product that meets your specific needs.

Test Types We Perform

We cover every aspect to ensure bug-free system operation

Step-by-step QA Process at HQSoftware

At HQSoftware, we take pride in driving quality across the entire software development life cycle

  1. Step 1. Requirement analysis

    We thoroughly review project requirements, specifications, and documentation to get a clear picture of what should be implemented in the software solution. We also analyze requirements for inconsistencies and inaccuracies to make sure we clearly understand your needs.

  2. Step 2. Test planning

    We assess test scope and offer the most suitable testing environments, team composition, and methodologies. After that, we create a detailed test plan to achieve the required quality goals.

  3. Step 3. Test design

    In this step, our QA engineers create test cases and scenarios as well as prepare test data, checklists, scripts, and necessary tools based on the project requirements.

  4. Step 4. Test execution

    The step where actual testing takes place, either manually or with specific tools. We model real-life scenarios and interact with software to identify errors or deviations from expected behavior.

  5. Step 5. Defect reporting and tracking

    All issues detected during testing are recorded in detail with steps to fix them. The development team then works to address the reported issues.

  6. Step 6. Test closure

    Once testing is complete and defects have been addressed, our QA engineers summarize the testing process, results, and any remaining open issues. This report provides you with insights into the software’s readiness for release.

Tools and Technologies

We work with

Project/test management systems Jira, TestRail, TestLink, Azure DevOps, Qase
Testing tools Postman, Fiddler, Charles, Android studio / Xcode, Browserstack, Virtualbox, JMeter
Automation testing NUnit, Playwright, Jmeter, Jest

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