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Mobile Application Development Services

We comply with different web development services

Custom mobile application development. Mobile app development services from ideation to execution. Our business analyst will put your idea under the microscope and come up with the best development plan.

Porting to another platform and integrations. Have a legacy solution that needs a major update? Or want to integrate your mobile app with third-party services? With our custom mobile app development, anything is possible to make your app work perfectly.

UX/UI design. To make your app appealing for the target audience, it must not only provide excellent performance but also look attractive and have a clear, user-friendly interface. Leave this task to our designers, who provide UX/UI services for mobile apps.

Publishing in app stores. Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Market have strict requirements for app development services — the app should meet strong criteria to be able to get to the market. To ease this burden for businesses, we take this task on ourselves and ensure your app is marketplace-ready.

Ongoing maintenance and enhancement. The tech world is moving forward, more and more new smartphones arriving on the market, and your business objectives may change as well. All the issues arising from these trends are solved with maintenance and enhancement services for mobile apps.

What We Develop With Mobile

Capabilities of mobile development services

How We Build Mobile Apps

What makes users stick with the apps we build

  1. User-friendly and appealing design

    Our design team creates an intuitive UX to make your app easy to adopt and use without compromising functionality. Even cross-platform apps built with Flutter app development SDK or other frameworks will adopt Android and iOS platform-dependent design guidelines and will feel familiar to users.

  2. Excellent performance

    We implement powerful back-ends as well as proven caching and syncing tools so that your app can handle increasing numbers of users and tasks. We also use best client-side development practices to ensure smooth and responsive UIs as well as efficient consumption of network and battery resources, especially for hybrid and cross-platform apps.

  3. Smooth Integration

    While integrating your app with other software and data sources, we provide full interoperability with the help of APIs, data connectors and communication protocols.

  4. Security

    Following best mobile software development security practices, we use MDM/MAM user authentication, database and file-level encryption, and penetration testing, to name just a few tools. Our apps talk to server APIs via encrypted protocols, while app data is stored according to the OS security guidelines.

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Mobile Application Development Technologies

After many years in the market, we’ve mastered all of the major mobile app development technologies. Whether you plan on hiring mobile app developers to build native apps for iOS or Android exclusively, or you prefer cross-platform or hybrid apps for their versatility, we have you covered. Also, turn to us for more advanced app development services, such as AR apps.

Android app development Languages: Kotlin, Java, C++ Frameworks and tools: Android SDK, Google Services (Maps, Game, OAuth, Analytics, etc.), Volley, RetroFit, Gson, EventBus, Google VR, Samsung Gear VR
iOS app development Languages: Swift, Objective-C Frameworks and tools: Cocoa, Reactive Cocoa, Typhoon, Socket.IO, WebRTC, RestKit, AppleTV, SQLite, MS SQL, UIKit Core Data Location Services

Testing JUnit, UI Automation, Espresso, Cucumber, UiAutomator
Cross-platform React Native, Flutter
Hybrid Apache Cordova, Ionic, Meteor, Mobile Angular UI, Polymer Project, Sencha Touch
IDE XCode, Android Studio, Eclipse, WebStorm
AR app development services

Unity, Unreal Engine, Vuforia SDK, Oculus SDK, Catchoom SDK, Wikitude SDK, Kudan SDK, EasyAR SDK, iOS/Android SDK, ARKit, ARCore, 8th Wall, AR.js

Native, Cross-platform, Hybrid Mobile Apps?

Solve the dilemma and make the right choicee — which type of mobile app suits you best? See this table and analyze what project you will hire dedicated mobile app developers for.

Feature/Platform Native Cross-platform Hybrid Mobile Web
Multi-platform compatibility No Yes Yes Yes
User experience Excellent Very good Medium Medium
Look and feel OS-specific Uniform, customizable Uniform, customizable Browser-based
Performance Excellent Very good Medium Medium
Access to hardware Excellent Very good Medium Limited
Connectivity Online and offline Online and offline Online and offline Mostly online
Offline storage Secure file system Secure file system, shared SQL Secure file system, shared SQL Shared SQL
Development costs High Medium Medium Reduced
Time-to-market Long Medium Medium Long

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Emerging Mobile App Technology Trends

See what’s hot in the mobile software development industry

Artificial Intelligence

AI is continuing to improve the industry of mobile app development services. Here, it unlocks the evolution of mobile apps and transforms them into intelligent software that can analyze human behavior and predict user requirements and intentions. AI apps learn from data generated by users, and this data can be used to build companion apps such as voice assistants.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a network of connected devices that collect and share data inside and outside of the network. IoT is used in mobile app development services to power Smart Home applications and such apps as traffic management, environmental monitoring, connected vehicles, industrial and agricultural management apps.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is used to deliver applications to mobile devices, which is more efficient than traditional methods. With this technology, mobile apps can be deployed remotely faster and to different devices, operating systems, and data storage. Also, cloud computing facilitates quicker development and shared resources of mobile apps.

Big Data

Big Data plays a huge role in mobile app development services. For mobile developers, it is an important tool for gathering and streamlining data, assessing data sets, and analyzing patterns in user behavior. With all this information at hand, companies can make insightful decisions on how to run their business more profitably.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a hot topic in mobile software development because of the outstanding features it brings to mobile apps within nearly any industry. AR features in mobile apps can win users, boost their engagement, increase sales, provide extra entertainment and visual representation of products and services.


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