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LMS Development Services

Our LMS developers are ready to tackle your project from start to finish

Consulting on technologies and approaches

Prototyping or MVP to validate the business idea

Full-stack development of Learning Management Systems

Enhancement and extension of functionality

Integration with other systems, e.g. webinar platforms, mobile learning apps

Learning Management Systems for Your Business

Choose which type of custom LMS fits your business the most

Custom LMS Software Development

Advanced custom LMS delivered to meet any business requirements, from employee training to student engagement. Get a solution that will help you assess, prioritize, and manage training resources and objectives in one place. Hire LMS developers who will build a solution that truly supports all learning objectives of the company and makes the most of educational programs.

LMS Cloud Solutions

With a cloud-based LMS, users are able to access training programs from any device, no matter where they are. Cloud storage also allows for storing large and bulky files, such as long video courses and presentations, rather than requiring users to download them on their devices. All these benefits result in an accessible and compact LMS solution that incorporates all necessary data, no matter the size of the files.

Integrated Learning Management System

As an experienced LMS development company, we know how to make an integrated, adaptable, and easy-running LMS. We use responsive design features, native device support, localization features, and geolocation support. We make sure that your LMS can be integrated with third-party solutions and APIs if required, and that it provides your users with a top-notch learning experience.

Content Generation Tools for LMS

Built-in authoring tools for easy creation of educational content. Analyze training needs, gather learning materials, set assessment criteria, design and develop educational content, and associate it with a particular curriculum structure. All of these tasks can be done in one software solution if you have content generation tools built into your LMS.

Learning Experience Platforms

Learning Experience Platforms are an integral part of modern LMS systems. LXPs help facilitate on-the-job training, analyze and track skill gaps, and improve the overall experience of learners. With the help of LXPs, it’s easy to provide learner-centric educational programs, track performance, improve engagement, and ensure effortless delivery of personalized training.

Software as a Service LMS

Businesses choose a SaaS approach to LMS development because of certain outstanding benefits. SaaS-based LMSs are designed to give businesses the ability to deliver educational content to multiple users with ease and to sell, manage, and organize all courses in one place. With an SaaS LMS, your business can easily scale the solution, deploy it quicker, and enjoy hassle-free maintenance of the solution.

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Technologies We Use for LMS Development

Top-notch tech for outstanding projects


A thoroughly-built backend is extremely important. This is where all data processing operations of your LMS happen. This part of the solution is invisible to the user, yet it is the most important one. At HQSoftware, we mostly rely on Node.js and PHP for building stable LMS backends; however, the choice of the tech stack depends on the project requirements, scale, and other parameters.


The frontend is the part that the user sees and interacts with, and it is vital to make it appealing and user-friendly so that students have better engagement and retention rates. Here, we mostly rely on Vue.js and React.js frameworks, but we will always pick the tech stack to meet all requirements and give your LMS the desired look and feel.


Typically Learning Management Systems are connected to relational databases; the most popular options are PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle. The choice is made based on the benefits of the particular database, such as reliability, compliance with tech standards, and the ability to operate quickly.

Must-have Features of Learning Management Systems

Features that ensure the success of your custom LMS

  1. Gamification

    Engage your users in a game-like format: include achievements and badges, user leaderboards, in-app currency, and more.

  2. Quizzes

    Add quizzes to your educational process to make learning interesting and efficient: drag-and-drop questions, open-ended, etc.

  3. Monetization

    Add features that will help you earn extra money with your custom LMS: paid certificates, discount systems, and subscriptions.

  4. Speech processing

    Develop advanced speech features for more interactivity: speech-to-text processors, voice control, etc.

  5. Performance analytics

    See how well users learn and what skill gaps they still have with the help of learning reports, data visualization, and personalized metrics.

  6. Communication

    Make sure you include communication features so that teachers, mentors, and students can easily chat right inside the LMS via instant messaging, live video, and other means.

  7. Mobile learning

    Hire LMS developers to build a companion mobile application for your LMS to make learning more accessible and help students learn anytime and anywhere.

  8. Extra features

    Equip your LMS solution with extra features to stand out from the competition: various file formats support export and import of data, customizable profiles, and more.

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001


E-learning: Video Course for Equipment Diagnosis

E-learning solution to facilitate the educational process of customer’s employees and educate them to work with a system for diagnosing automobiles against the European emission standards.

Technologies Used:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • Linux
  • Moodle
  • H5P

E-learning and Performance Tracking System

The developed system combines learning management and performance management in one system and provides a user-friendly interface for easier creation of online courses. Enjoys 50,000+ users across several industries.

Technologies Used:

TransfrVR header

AR/VR: VR Simulations for Occupational Training

HQSoftware has teamed up with an American startup to build Virtual Reality training simulations that help users learn professional skills and land new jobs.

Technologies Used:

  • Unity
  • Oculus Quest
  • Oculus store
  • 3D party Oculus SDK
  • VRTK plugin

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Why choose HQSoftware for LMS development services?

Ensuring quality and effectiveness

Industry compliance

We aim to build industry-driven software and ensure extensive compliance with all required standards, so that the solution works well with any other e-learning software: SCORM/xAPI, LTI, AICC. Also, we follow GDPR and other data standards.

Innovation in tech

Employing innovative technology is our passion, and we are good at this. Our LMS developers constantly monitor trends and are already skilled in applying Augmented and Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to expand the features of LMS.

Team of experts

Our e-learning software developers are experienced specialists with an average of 4 years of employment. Their experience is verified by Microsoft, Zend, ISTQB, Scrum, and MongoDB certificates. We support learning and help our developers gain new knowledge and skills through internal meetings, professional training, and other courses.

Trusted partners

We already have 300+ satisfied clients with 450+ projects across 25 countries. Acknowledged by Inc. 5000, Clutch, and GoodFirms, we stand out for our deep technical expertise, customer-centric approach, and cost-effectiveness in development processes. 

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