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Banner.Mobile App for Advanced Customer Service. png 550x299 - Portfolio

Mobile App for Advanced Customer Service

A fully-featured mobile application offering live-chat customer support.

Technologies Used:

VR Aviation Training Platform banner 550x299 - Portfolio

VR Aviation Training Platform for Ground Handling Agents: 47% Lower Training Costs

VR aviation training platform for the first training phase that eliminates the need to visit the physical area.

Technologies Used:

Real time Analytics of Industrial Machine Performance banner 550x299 - Portfolio

Real-time Analytics of Industrial Machine Performance: 63.8% Reduction in Equipment Downtime

An advanced Machine Learning algorithm that provides real-time insights on equipment performance.

Case Bacardi banner 550x299 - Portfolio

VR Training’s Proof of Concept for Manufacturing: 3-Week Prototyping

A Proof of Concept of VR training designed to help line operators practice their bottling skills and carry out safety protocols in the company’s bottling shop floor.

Technologies Used:

A Smart Mobile App for Transferring Property Data from Camera to Web Portal. Banner 550x299 - Portfolio

A Smart Mobile App for Transferring Property Data from Camera to Web Portal: 2x Faster File Uploading

The customer needed to speed up file downloading and transferring from a camera to a web portal, eliminating the need for a USB flash drive.

Technologies Used:

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