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DevOps at HQSoftware: Development Challenges We Tackle

We at HQSoftware firmly believe that robust DevOps practices are essential for ensuring system reliability and efficiency. When implementing DevOps practices, we aim to address the following challenges:

  • manual and time-consuming processes
  • inconsistent environments
  • slow time-to-market
  • lack of collaboration
  • security vulnerabilities
  • high costs

DevOps Services We Provide

Ready to boost every development aspect

DevOps CI/CD Implementation


Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) DevOps

Kubernetes (k8s) DevOps Services

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) DevOps Practices

How DevOps Contributes to Your Product Success

Optimization and automation are the core DevOps forces driving value to your solution

DevOps CI/CD Pipelines Implementation

Unlock efficiency and reliability with CI/CD integrations

DevSecOps with HQSoftware

Types of security scanning techniques we perform

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

A form of white-box testing for inspecting source code for potential security vulnerabilities, such as memory leaks or SQL injection, before code deployment. With SAST, our specialists ensure:


  • early issue recognition;
  • prevention of releasing insecure code into production;
  • fast feedback to the responsible person to speed up bug fixing;
  • reduced cost of error mitigation.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

A type of black-box testing to examine an app for potential external threats through simulated cyberattacks. Dynamic testing identifies issues that cannot be detected by static methods and requires in-depth knowledge of DevOps engineers due to complex setups. When implementing DAST for our clients, we:


  • protect solutions from hacker attacks;
  • ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations;
  • detect misconfigurations;
  • establish solution security in all environments.

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Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) in DevOps

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  1. Since the IaaC approach treats infrastructure as software, it enables rapid infrastructure deployment and modifications, ensuring its consistency and reproducibility.
  2. Through IaaC DevOps practices, our specialists automate manual tasks, enable infrastructure scalability, speed up software deployment, and reduce infrastructure costs.
  3. We work with Terraform, an open-source IaaC tool, to create and provision infrastructure resources in the cloud. Terraform supports multi-cloud management, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and offers version control for effective collaboration.
  4. Our DevOps engineers can combine IaaC with other DevOps services, such as CI/CD pipelines implementation, to automate, optimize, and standardize software development and deployment at all levels.

Kubernetes (k8s) Implementation

Choice No.1 for handling production deployments without overheads

SRE DevOps Approach

Achieve high system availability with SRE practices

Advanced notification system

A notification system allows for timely or even proactive responses to product issues before releases.

Enhanced scalability

SRE principles promote the design of inherently scalable systems capable of handling increased traffic without a significant drop in performance.

Improved system reliability

Clear system performance objectives, best practices, proactive monitoring, and automation minimize service disruptions and deliver a more reliable and resilient user experience.

Smart resource allocation

With repetitive task automation, work prioritization, capacity planning, and continuous improvement, SRE can optimize resource utilization and enhance system reliability without requiring significant additional resources.

DevOps as a Bridge Between Dev Team and Business

Implementing effective DevOps practices may require not only technical changes but also process adjustments. Therefore, DevOps specialists always closely collaborate with both dev teams and business representatives:

  • continuous studying and analysis of customer requirements
  • establishing cohesive collaboration among development, operations, and stakeholders
  • facilitating knowledge sharing
  • encouraging formation of cross-functional teams
  • creating feedback loops to provide insights into system performance
  • establishing shared DevOps metrics visible to both development and operations teams

Why DevOps with HQSoftware?

Your strategic partner in enhancing software development processes

  1. Hands-on expertise

    Having worked with numerous projects across various domains, our seasoned DevOps specialists have gained strong expertise to make informed decisions and improve efficiency in your development processes.

  2. Long-term commitment

    We work with both one-time projects involving one-off tasks and projects that require not only the implementation of DevOps practices but also continuous support.

  3. Balancing needs and capabilities

    We thoroughly investigate project requirements and business processes to strike a balance between quality and costs. If we believe that certain DevOps practices may be redundant for your specific case,  we will openly communicate this so as not to waste your resources.

  4. Tailored approach

    While DevOps practices are particularly beneficial for mid-sized and larger companies, we can customize them to suit the needs of small businesses as well. This ensures that security, reliability, and smart resource allocation are prioritized, regardless of the company’s size.

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DevOps CI/CD JGitLab CI/CD, GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines, Jenkins, BitBucket Pipelines, AWS CodeBuild/CodeDeploy/CodePipeline
Containerization/Orchestration Docker, Kubernetes
IaaC Terraform (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), AWS Cloudformation, Azure ARM templates

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