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  • 23+ years in business
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  • AR/VR, AI/ML, Mobile learning
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Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001

Custom E-learning Development Services

Engineering capabilities and industry awareness combined

Consulting on technologies and approaches

Prototyping or MVP to validate the business idea

Full-stack development of e-learning solutions

Enhancement and extension of functionality

Integration with other systems

How We Help Our Customers

to use or deliver the best e-learning software

Edtech product companies

  • you get a Dedicated Team of PM, BA, developers, QA, or developers only that will extend your own team
  • they will help you build new features and improve performance of the existing product
  • you will expand your customer database, establish corporate partnerships, and increase revenue faster
  • you will save on local teams by hiring HQ e-learning development company, and free up time for additional sales and marketing

E-learning software startups

  • we blend your idea with our expertise
  • help with business analysis and give well-thought-out advice
  • quickly develop an MVP and continue with further development
  • you get technical assistance for channeling investments
  • you get external knowledge and support
  • you will receive a completed product in a shorter time, which allows for faster time-to-market

Companies and corporations

  • we will perform e-learning app development and implement the application
  • if required, we will digitize an offline training system
  • we will train all parties on how to use the solution
  • you will improve employees' performance
  • you will automate all employee-related processes: onboarding, compliance, education, engagement, feedback, reporting

Educational institutions

  • we will perform LMS development from scratch, use an out-of-the-box solution and customize it, or improve performance and enhance your existing LMS
  • you will go online and keep up with the latest trends in education
  • you will improve students' performance and increase their motivation
  • you will automate manual work and eliminate human errors

Expertise in E-learning Software Development

Interactive and scalable e-learning applications that you may get

Learning Management Systems

We will perform LMS development from scratch, use an out-of-the-box solution and customize it, or enhance your existing LMS. Rich functionality, easy administration, and the ability to adapt to new challenges and goals.

Mobile Learning

Native and cross-platform mobile applications that enrich your e-learning programs with on-the-go access to complete functionality, whether online or offline.

Hybrid Solutions Beyond E-learning

Combining the best of e-learning, task management, performance tracking and analytics to satisfy complex demands with a single solution.

Customization of Open-Source Products

Deploying a solution of your choice from a range of out-of-the-box platforms, free or licensed, and tailoring it to the exact specifics of your organization.

Blended Learning

Develop full-fledged e-learning solutions and seamlessly integrate into traditional education processes: face-to-face learning, online classes, and so on.

Adaptive Learning

Provide each of your students with a custom learning path and educational materials with the help of an adaptive e-learning solution that addresses individual needs through timely feedback and resources.

Integration Of Online Courses

Creating digital course libraries that support multimedia content, assignments, assessment of knowledge and progress tracking.

E-Learning Portals

Providing learners with an engaging space to discover educational materials and join discussions in a user-friendly environment.

Authoring Tools

Enabling quick and convenient creation of training programs, e-courses and tests with responsive interfaces, which can be done with zero involvement by tech staff.

Upgrade of Legacy Solutions

Revamping your legacy platforms with new capabilities, such as multimedia features, social integration, real-time communication and more.

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Certificates: Guarantee for E-learning Software Quality

Mastering skills above & beyond

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Technologies to Enhance Online Education

What else our clients already benefit from

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Shorten the time it takes your students to grasp the topic — put them in a different reality. AR or VR make it easier to learn anything, thanks to the creativity and interactivity of the process.

AI/ML and chatbots

AI/ML can help developers build human-like chatbots that improve interactivity and help compensate for the lack of mentoring when tutors are unavailable to answer students’ questions, AI/ML can do this job remarkably well.

Mobile learning or m-learning

Make learning portable and easy to access from anywhere with m-learning. Put all the power and functionality of edtech into a fast mobile application running seamlessly on iOS and Android.


Microlearning is an alternative for learning a vast variety of information, a bit at a time. Microlearning follows a short-term strategy focused on learning one particular skill, or consuming carefully selected information in small portions, to produce a better outcome. Despite this simplicity, microlearning solutions can still be feature-rich.


What motivates students to learn on the fly and with passion? Gamification of the learning path helps the learner stay focused and less stressed. Cooperation and competition mechanics, rewards and badges for personal profiles, and storytelling — all these keep students passionate and motivated.

Personalization with AI/ML

Personalized learning will boost students’ grades and attract more new users to your edtech solution. Personalization techniques often use AI/ML to sharpen the app’s algorithms and offer users relevant courses. AI/ML can also help track which course materials the user has or hasn’t mastered and offer relevant information for self-study.

Education in Augmented and Virtual Reality

Take users on an immersive tour into a virtual learning environment. Boost education retention rates and student motivation.

  • visualize complex topics
  • create interactive quizzes, tests
  • add gamification
  • build visual tutorials and guides

Our Approach to E-learning Application Development

Close cooperation and results that align with expectations

Advanced Data Analytics

All methods of Data Analytics for online education at your fingertips: Artificial Intelligence, for automatic and thorough analysis, Data Management for user analysis, and more.

  • analysis of user data
  • thorough, data-based reports
  • content personalization
  • predictions about students, teachers

Integration Possibilities in Edtech

Integrate your e-learning solution with software you already use

Corporate software

Everything you use inside your business can be integrated into your new e-learning system. Web analytics software, social media plugins, communication systems — all at your fingertips.

CRM systems

Integrate e-learning software with a CRM system to manage leads, students and teachers, other contacts. Or you can allow tutors who use your platform to access the CRM for better student communication.

E-commerce software

Add payment gateways and monetize your project with ease. We offer integration of your e-learning solution with any popular payment method and other e-commerce plugins.

Webinar platforms

Video is one of the most popular formats for educational materials; this is why webinars will attract even more users to your platform. Features such as attendance tracking and event scheduling are included as well.

Business automation

There are solutions for work automation that are easy to use even for non-technical users, like Zapier. Integrate it with your e-learning solution and boost your productivity in terms of business management.


Salesforce is a popular all-in-one platform that helps automate marketing, has built-in AI and a mobile CRM, and will enhance your customer service. Add it to your custom e-learning solution for better business results.

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Technology Focus in Edtech Development

What skills we are mastering

E-learning Software Development: Why HQSoftware?

Ensuring quality and effectiveness

  1. Focus on usability

    We aim to build user-friendly software for both customers and their students. The advantages of modern technologies help to create a smooth learning experience which will improve the learners’ engagement and increase retention. As our client you will receive easy-to-use e-learning software with a wide variety of features.

  2. Innovation

    We always monitor technological trends and are willing to apply top-notch technologies on your project. For example, Augmented and Virtual Reality can expand features of your solution and increase learners’ involvement. 

  3. Team of experts

    Our e-learning software developers are seasoned specialists with a 4-year average employee tenure. Their experience is confirmed by Microsoft, Zend, ISTQB, Scrum, MongoDB certificates. We encourage learning and help our developers gain new knowledge and skills on in-house meetups, professional training, and other courses.

  4. Integration with third-party systems

    To enhance the capabilities of the e-learning solution we provide integration with a wide variety of platforms and plugins, such as payment, security, single sign-on systems, and other e-learning software.

  5. Satisfied customers

    We already have more than 20 successful projects in the e-learning industry. We guarantee open communication, transparent steps to establish cooperation, and a high level of personalization to each customer.

  6. Trusted partners

    We have been in the market for 20 years and have 300+ clients with 450+ projects across 25 countries. Acknowledged by Inc. 5000, Clutch, GoodFirms, we stand out for our deep technical expertise and cost-effectiveness.

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