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Educational Software Development Solutions

  • 19 years in business
  • Strict NDA terms
  • Industry-driven solutions

E-learning Development Services

Engineering capabilities and industry awareness combined

Consulting on technologies and approaches

Prototyping or MVP to validate the business idea

Full-stack development of e-learning solutions

Enhancement and extension of functionality

Integration with other systems

Expertise in E-learning Solutions

Interactive and scalable e-learning applications

Learning Management Systems

Covering the entire learning cycle – from setting up new courses to assessing results. Rich functionality, easy administration, and the ability to adapt to new challenges and goals.

Integration Of Online Courses

Creating digital course libraries that support multimedia content, assignments, assessment of knowledge and progress tracking.

E-Learning Portals

Providing learners with an engaging space to discover educational materials and join discussions in a user-friendly environment.

Hybrid Solutions Beyond E-Learning

Combining the best of e-learning, task management, performance tracking and analytics to satisfy complex demands with a single solution.

Mobile Learning

Native and cross-platform mobile applications that enrich your e-learning programs with on-the-go access to complete functionality, whether online or offline.

Customization of Open-Source Products

Deploying a solution of your choice from a range of out-of-the-box platforms, free or licensed, and tailoring it to the exact specifics of your organization.

Authoring Tools

Enabling quick and convenient creation of training programs, e-courses and tests with responsive interfaces, which can be done with zero involvement by tech staff.

Upgrade of Legacy Solutions

Revamping your legacy platforms with new capabilities, such as multimedia features, social integration, real-time communication and more.

Education in Augmented Reality

Shorten the time it takes your students to grasp the topic — put them in a different reality:

  • visualize complex topics;
  • create interactive quizzes, tests;
  • add AR-gamification;
  • build visual tutorials and guides.

Our Approach to E-learning Application Development

Close cooperation and results that align with expectations

Variety of Platforms

Our e-learning software development team works with a wide technological stack for building desktop, cloud and module solutions to enable teaching and learning on any device. Make learning easier for students and more convenient for a teacher.

Reporting Included

Our mission is to deliver e-learning applications that provide visibly measurable results. We pay particular attention to helping you track the impact of e-learning investments via reports that bring together relevant metrics on particular individuals, departments and more, in a few clicks.

Beyond Standards

We can address multidisciplinary requests that combine several solutions. So far, we have implemented a hybrid of e-learning, performance tracking and coaching connected to business KPIs, as well as an augmented reality application to help field service engineers in real time via a cloud-based platform.

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001

E-learning: Video Course for Equipment Diagnosis

E-learning solution to facilitate the educational process of customer’s employees and educate them to work with a system for diagnosing automobiles against the European emission standards.

Technologies Used:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • Linux
  • Moodle
  • H5P

E-learning and Performance Tracking System

The developed system combines learning management and performance management in one system and provides a user-friendly interface for easier creation of online courses. Enjoys 50,000+ users across several industries.

Technologies Used:

AR/VR: AR Mobile App for Equipment Maintenance

A cross-platform mobile app that allows for on-site maintenance of complex industrial equipment without the help of experts.

Technologies Used:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • PouchDB
  • CouchDB
  • Metaio SDK
  • Polymer Project
  • Apache
  • Cordova

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