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Custom Insurance Software Development Services

Everything you need to start your insurance software project

Consulting on insurance automation

Prototyping or MVP to validate the business idea

Full-Stack development of insurance solutions from scratch

Enhancement and extension of functionality

Integration with other systems, e.g. CRM, ERP, NIPR

How Our Insurance Software Developers Help Customers

to use or deliver the best insurance solutions

Insurance SaaS providers

  • get a dedicated team that will effortlessly add new functionality to your product and increase revenue; OR
  • augment your own team with some developers and eliminate the expense of hiring, retaining, and replacing staff by outsourcing to us;
  • integrate top-notch technologies to attract more customers – try AI, IoT, and others;
  • fix technical issues faster, perform software updates on schedule

Insurance companies

  • automate routine processes and free up time for business development;
  • digitize processes that generate paperwork, to reduce human error and save money;
  • serve more clients with up-to-date software;
  • improve the stability and performance of your software and add extra functionality

Insurance consulting firms

  • gain a long-term technological partner that will support you in acquiring new clients, provide tech consulting and develop custom software;
  • avoid hiring internal developers, project managers, business analysts, designers, testers and other tech staff, so you can focus on business development

Expertise in Insurance Solutions

Secure all your points of sensitivity with our task-driven solutions

Business solutions

We offer web and mobile software development tailored to the following challenges:

  • Policy management
  • Claim management
  • Accounting & reinsurance
  • Onboarding of insurance agents
  • Sales and marketing automation
  • Document creation and management
  • Workflow and task management
  • Fraud detection
  • Statistical and analytical reporting


We are also ready to integrate a custom project with all the necessary modules and other services:

  • CRM, PMS, RMS, ERP software
  • CMS and NIPR
  • Third-party services and institutions (MarketProminence, TriZetto, Gemini, and other)
  • Document management systems
  • Electronic archives
  • Software for accounting
  • Billing solutions
  • Payment services

Need to deal with a legacy system? Ask us for seamless data migration to a new system.


Mastering skills above & beyond

Custom Insurance Software Development Services - HQSoftware
Custom Insurance Software Development Services - HQSoftware
Custom Insurance Software Development Services - HQSoftware
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Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2016

business automation solution

Business Automation for the US Insurance Company

A system that automates the core business processes of the insurance industry: agent certification and onboarding, commission billing, enrollment, claims payment, sales and marketing campaigns, etc.

Technologies Used:

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • Symfony
  • Bootstrap
  • GitLab
  • Codeception
  • Selenium
  • Docker
  • Memcached
  • Elasticsearch

Cross-Platform Application Evaluating Enterprise Efficiency

A system allows to track all the processes within an enterprise, score their efficiency against four major criteria, and visualize the results in comprehensive diagrams. Each diagram parameter can be customized to visualization needs.

Technologies Used:

document recognition and digital transformation

Enabling Document Recognition and Automating Invoice Processing

The customer automated invoice recognition with a precision of 70%. By digitizing the workflow, the company enhanced document processing by 8–9 times.

Technologies Used:

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Brightree
  • Tesseract OCR

Features for Insurance Business Solutions

What you need for efficient insurance software


Simplify handling customer applications.

  • Application tracking
  • Underwriting management
  • Renewal management


Manage policies efficiently with automated adjustments, reinstatements, and cancellations.

  • Policy processing
  • Quotes/estimates
  • Policy issuance
  • Policy management


Give your clients and staff full control over the claim lifecycle.

  • Claim lodgement
  • Claim processing

Business performance

Analyze your data to get vital business insights.

  • Sales performance
  • Earned commissions
  • Marketing

Routine automation

Save time on repetitive tasks.

  • Tasks distribution and management
  • Billing inquiries
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Marketing and sales
  • Live chats


Keep the risk to the minimum.

  • Reinsurance administration
  • Fraud detection

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Addressing Insurance Industry Challenges

What benefits we generate for insurance companies

  1. Expand Services and Increase Engagement

    Personalize insurance services with the help of IoT and thorough customer data analytics.

  2. Automate Routine Actions

    Complement custom insurance systems with additional modules for calculating commissions, handling policy renewals, and tracking claims.

  3. Improve Transaction Security

    Safeguard the transactions you perform against data violation via specialized insurance solutions.

  4. Optimize Pricing

    Align prices with your profit objectives and customer expectations.

  5. Enhance the Partner-Agent Relationship

    Provide customers with a way to explore your services, acquire services faster, and get personalized offers.

  6. Analyze Insurance Big Data

    Get a wealth of insights as to how efficient your insurance processes are.

Advanced Data Analytics

Take use of all data that can help your business grow: internal data that business processes generate, and external data about your customers.

  • analysis of user data
  • risk detection
  • insurance-offer personalization
  • thorough reporting

Technologies to Power Insurance Software Development

What else our clients already benefit from

Artificial Intelligence

Insurance businesses that work with life, property, and health insurance benefit from using AI for improving customer service, detecting frauds, and boosting operational efficiency. With AI, insurers improve claims turnaround cycles, access data faster, and cut human impact on decision making.

Machine Learning

ML is a branch of AI but deserves special mention in insurance technology. Insurers use Machine Learning to improve claims processing, risk assessment, and decision making by automating all of it. ML allows for using pre-programmed algorithms to process data faster and prepare an advanced analysis.


Powerful chatbots are built with the help of AI and ML. They simulate a real person talking to a customer and save tons of organizational time and money. A bot can even walk customers through a policy application process, reserving real employees for more complex tasks.


IoT sensors automatically and seamlessly collect data that will greatly help in analyzing insured customers and the risks they may be exposed to. IoT is a must for connected healthcare, smart cars, smart homes, and hazardous commercial lines.


Telematics now have an impact on auto policies, like an important wearable for an insured person’s car. With IoT-powered equipment, an insurer can obtain data on speed, location, and accidents, which can be analysed to determine a policy premium.

Social Media Data Analytics

Analytics of data gathered from social media play an important role for insurers. Analytics bolster fraud detection capabilities, allow a new level of customer experience, and improve risk assessment.

IoT for Insurance

Apply IoT sensors for connected cars, commercial lines, smart homes, or for connected health to collect data and get benefits:

  • fraud recognition
  • predictive maintenance
  • improved safety
  • data insights monetized

Integration Possibilities in InsurTech

Integrate software you already use with insurance solutions


With open API, you can choose to integrate your insurance solution with third-party software. For example, Salesforce, for better and more data-wise customer relationship management.


Always keep all your client data and critical information on sales, marketing, and service on hand. Enjoy the ability to turn customer data into a customer relationship in an integrated solution.

Business Automation

Already using some software for Business Automation, such as Zapier? We will easily connect it to your insurance solution so that you may continue your routines.

Data Management

For a 360° customer data view, you need to make sure your data doesn’t contain incorrect information, such as outdated addresses. An Integrated Data Management solution will help you process high- quality data for data-based business decisions.

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Technology Focus in InsurTech Development

What skills we are mastering

Easy Steps to a Strong Partnership

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and a technical specification, if there is one

Get a personal proposal

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Start your project

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