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Data Analytics and Management Solutions

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Data Analytics Solutions We Build

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Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision, predictive analytics, Natural Language Processing, etc.

Machine Learning

Anomaly detection, customer analytics, recommender systems, etc.

Steps to Developing a Data Analytics Solution

What it takes to develop data management software

  1. Requirement Analysis

    We begin by determining what your business actually needs in terms of data management and analysis solutions. After seeing the raw data your business generates, we’ll be ready to take the next steps.

  2. Data Preparation

    Data needs to be properly prepared for the next series of actions. Whether the goal is to build a warehouse, create OLAP cubes, or apply Machine Learning algorithms, the data first needs to be cleaned up.

  3. Delivering Service

    The DA solution will provide access to a variety of analytics tools, including regular reporting, ad hoc reports, anomaly detection, forecasts, and more.

  4. Enhancement

    Business needs can change, and we are ready to be agile and flexible. Depending on your needs, we can add extra data sources and prepare them for integration into the DA system, create more report types, apply Machine Learning, and more.

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Customer Stories

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Benefit From Different Types of Data Analytics

Available for a variety of industries and purposes

Artificial Intelligence for Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence can do a great deal when applied to Data Analytics and Management solutions. AI optimizes and automates analytics processes, spots transformative insights, and facilitates the task of processing tons of information.

Data Management for Customer Analysis

Businesses can utilize a unique customer experience as a competitive weapon. Data Analytics applied to customer data can boost conversions, enhance customer loyalty, and extract data valuable for making the right marketing and advertising decisions.

Data Management for Security

Data analytics helps secure homes, buildings, industrial facilities, streets, and more. Data gathered from sensors, smart locks, and cameras can be used to make all listed places secure and safe.

Big Data Analytics for Logistics

A flood of logistics data, if well analyzed, can help logistics businesses transform their business processes. Big Data analysis will help you optimize resource consumption and enhance delivery routes, showing which elements of your system are performing poorly and providing transparency in supply chain networks.

Predictive Analytics for Industrial Equipment

Temperature, pressure, movement sensors and other smart data trackers can gather information on how your equipment is performing. With this data you can determine whether your equipment needs maintenance, how it performs on average, and so on.

Healthcare Analytics

Analytics of healthcare data helps both healthcare providers and patients. Data management systems help support decision making, monitor workers’ performance, analyze patients’ health conditions and treatment efficiency, and so on.

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