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Augmented Reality Development Services

From prototyping and content creation to compelling experiences

Prototyping or MVP to validate the business idea

Content creation for AR experiences

Enhancement and extension of functionality

AI-training for scene and object recognition

Integration with other services, e.g. geolocation

Types of Augmented Reality Apps We Develop

Pick the right one for your business


  • An Augmented Reality solution that can run on any flat surface without linking to particular triggers or location.


  • Augmented Reality solutions that run only after scanning a marker — a graphic trigger that makes the AR experience start.


  • Such AR solutions gain geolocation data from the device’s sensors and GPS to detect whether the experience should be shown there.

Industries We Serve: AR Solutions for Businesses

We will help you dominate in your industry with AR


Make an Augmented Reality app to take your studying solutions to the next level: virtual classrooms, tutorials, overlays of handy information on real-life research objects.


AR platforms can be used for marketing purposes: markerless and marker-based advertising, geolocation AR for on-the-spot campaigns, unforgettable experiences to enhance brand image.


Create Augmented Reality apps to entertain your audience with games, real-looking masks and filters for humans and even pets, 3D overlays for music shows and theater.


An AR app can complement manufacturing processes via smartphones and smart glasses: interactive guides, manuals for field-workers, apps for equipment visualization.


Augmented Reality apps can help students learn patient-sensitive material safely. AR interfaces can be used for medical equipment. AR apps can enhance mental health treatment.


With AR, retail businesses obtain a large set of next-gen tools: 3D models of products, try-before-you-buy AR experiences, smart mirrors for virtual fitting in stores, and so on.

Real estate

AR applications can be used for quick and easy visualization of real estate sites — customers can see and interact with the virtual model of a building, or take a look inside an apartment.


To make a sports game or a TV broadcast of it even better, AR provides tools such as graphic overlays of data on every athlete. AR assists in fan engagement experiences and in apps for athlete training and game betting.

Virtual collaboration

Using AR, work on the same project as one group, display the results, and talk to your colleagues remotely as though you were sitting in one room.

FAQ With AR Developers

What are Augmented Reality services?

What is AR development?

How much does AR technology cost?

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2016

ar app for marketing

AR/VR: Developing an AR Platform for Marketers and Creatives

A powerful AR platform that allows launching interactive marker-based and markerless campaigns. Users can design complex AR experiences with no advanced technical skills required, put them into AR campaigns, configure and launch them.

Technologies Used:


AR/VR: AR Mobile App for Equipment Maintenance

A cross-platform mobile app that allows for on-site maintenance of complex industrial equipment without the help of experts.

Technologies Used:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • PouchDB
  • CouchDB
  • Metaio SDK
  • Polymer Project
  • Apache
  • Cordova
ar app for retail fashion

AR/VR: Rethinking E-Commerce with a Virtual Fitting Room on Mobile

Reactive Reality helps retailers increase sales and reduce return rates by bringing the fitting room to consumers’ mobile devices. Recognizing the opportunity, Reactive Reality AG partnered with HQSoftware to develop a mobile app that allows online shoppers to create their avatars and enjoy all the perks of a virtual fitting room anywhere they are.

Technologies Used:

  • Java
  • Swift
  • ARKit
  • Objective-C
  • AVFoundation
  • MLKit
  • CoreMotion
  • Apollo
  • Realm
  • Kotlin
  • Kotlin Coroutines
  • Retrofit
  • OkHttp
  • ThreadExecutor

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AR Technology Focus

Technologies we’ve mastered and devices we develop for

Development frameworks / SDK

Unity, Vuforia SDK, OpenGL, SceneKit, Wikitude SDK, ARToolKit, Catchoom SDK, Kudan SDK, EasyAR SDK, iOS/Android SDK, ARKit, ARCore, 8th Wall, AR.js


Android, iOS, Windows, macOS


AR-kiosks: point-of-sale devices, AR installations, magic mirrors, etc.


Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Quest, Epson Moverio, Google Glass, Vuzix Blade, etc.

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Business Value
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Business Value of AR in Media & Entertainment

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