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All for Schools – Online Shopping and Savings Platform

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Industry: Finance, E-learning, E-commerce


  • A shopping & savings platform containing a database of almost 30,000 schools, partners, and more
  • Integrations with payment systems, money transfer, reporting and statistics

Technologies Used: Joomla, PHP

Methodology: Scrum


HQSoftware was tasked with developing a website which allows, and facilitates integration with multiple partners.



Development of a website that would contain a database of almost 30,000 schools, list shopping partners and provide integration between the two. 

  • When supporters make online purchases with website’s partners, a portion of each sale is allocated to the supported school. 
  • All for Schools is free to use — for schools as well as school families, friends, and supporters.
  • AFS handles all of the reporting and sends each school a check every 90 days. 


As HQSoftware, our main focus was on integration with payment systems, and money transfer as well as substantial reporting and statistics. API for third-party integration was made with: Amazon, Groupon, Macys, Best Buy, Walmart, Nordstrom, etc. Social integration—an integral part of the project—was made with: Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, and Pinterest.


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