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Healthcare IoT Solutions

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Healthcare IoT Development Services

Medical IoT development services, from hardware to infrastructure

Hardware prototyping and manufacturing with a partner

Embedded software development for sensors, gateways, devices

Data analytics with AI, Machine Learning, Big Data analytics

End-user app development for web and mobile

Integration with EMR and EHR systems and other valuable components

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001

Application Areas of Healthcare IoT

Helping both patients and caregivers with healthcare IoT app development

Personal Healthcare

Enable people to take care of their health from anywhere, using mobile applications and apps for wearables.
The applications allow for fitness and physical activity tracking, chronic disease control.

Diagnostics, treatment, monitoring

Our healthcare IoT app development helps doctors increase productivity in:

  • medication safety monitoring
  • remote patient monitoring
  • remote doctor-to-doctor assistance
  • patient-doctor communication
  • post-operative care

Smart healthcare organization

Medical IoT development services to assist workers in their daily operations and streamline organizational processes:

  • tracking of medical equipment
  • RFID drug identification for transparent purchasing
  • smart hospital rooms
  • integration with EHR, EMR for data exchange appointment tracking

Healthcare Data Analytics

We will develop a healthcare Data Analytics solution that will collect and analyze data generated by healthcare IoT devices to gain insights on:

  • patients’ health status
  • medical staff performance
  • medical equipment performance
  • business processes

For better results we apply AR/VR technologies. They help build interactive equipment maintenance solutions, visualize data, and more.

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Addressing Healthcare IoT Challenges

We implement the best approaches in healthcare IoT app development


When developing healthcare IoT applications, we work to ensure they are secure against leakage, hacking, and device tampering at all times. We create comprehensive authentication policies, perform penetration testing and protect health data interchange in full compliance with HIPAA regulations.


Healthcare data is colleсted from devices and managed in a centralized system, making insights accessible throughout the entire organization to help prevent medical errors. Aiming to improve treatment, we ensure that all devices and wearables are integrated with the patient’s EHR/EMR as well as gather complete and precise information.

Data complexity

With the booming use of medical IoT, health data is growing in volume and variety, and thus becoming harder to manage. That’s why we strive to choose the optimal big-data or data analytics tool to ensure you capture the full potential of all that mission-critical information.

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