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Stefan Agustson

CEO at RealityBLU

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Teemu Leppälä

CEO at POB Production

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Tomas Westerholm

CEO at Sessio Software

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Svetlana Ladoshkina

CEO at Travelry

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Rando Rand

Founder at WSA
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It has been a pleasure to cooperate with HQSoftware during last year and a half on our Smart Home project. They have been very flexible with our timesheet and what we especially like is their willingness to not only follow our guidelines but also to recommend better/existing solutions.

HQSoftware’s responsiveness and accessibility were noteworthy. Their exceptional communication complemented their professional and supportive management style. Expect a skilled team that is attentive to detail.

Our supportive project manager provided excellent communication. We frequently talked through Skype, and they answered quickly. They delivered comprehensive work, especially in their quotation.

There’s been transparent communication throughout our relationship. HQSoftware’s responsive team was dedicated to understanding our business needs and providing detailed information.

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Stefan Agustsson

CEO at RealityBLU
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We are an AR platform company. We started working with HQSoftware about 2 years ago to create an MVP for client demonstrations and market testing. Then we moved on to create a full production system using the talent at HQSoftware.

We’ve been working with the team and it has grown from just a couple of people to 12 full-time people. We’ve had great project management and communication with the team members.

We come and visit the company at least 2-3 times a year to get to know everybody in person. I find it to be very beneficial as we move forward and are getting to know those people both inside and outside of work.

It’s been a very good resource for us so far and a very good experience. We’ve been very happy with the performance of the team members. And we will continue to see the team grow as we grow as a company as well.

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Dana Kinghorn

Director of Operations at Evolv Pty Ltd.
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HQSoftware is a part of our business. I haven’t worked with a project manager as good as the one from the Company. I feel that they are personally invested in the project, which is great. We don’t want people who will simply write the code and hand it over. The work is very complicated, but HQSoftware’s understands what we want and how we want it. We have developed a relationship by which HQSoftware knows what to do without even asking.

HQSoftware was referred to us by our Australian technology partner who had used them in previous development projects. We started working with HQSoftware about three years ago and the project is ongoing. We have taken the platform to market and have continual iterations for its improvement.

Our tool was initially developed by another firm. HQSoftware provided coding services, taking our business specifications and redesigning the platform on HTML5. The development was brought to a much higher level of quality than previously. HQSoftware also has built and continue to build new modules for the platform from scratch. The team has worked out a technical strategy, creating a development plan for making the software white label ready. This included creating the server infrastructure that allowed us to house the software.

The project has been completely successful and I couldn’t be happier. The quality of the developers and the consistency of our core team has been above and beyond what was required. HQSoftware’s project manager and 2 of our developers have been working with us since the project was started. The staff turnover is very low, which I personally find reassuring. Since the work is very complicated, I don’t want to have to pay for training new people.

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Tomas Westerholm

Founder at Sessio Software
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As a young startup we chose a strategy of moving on with MVP’s to test the new ideas in a broad market. To be able to quickly find good enough talent, teams and organizations to execute our tests we went for small companies rather than individual freelancers or workers. In the beginning we had quickly developed some “just enough to show” prototypes to communicate the app idea live-enough…

That worked quite well but also turned out to be a show stopper for any further progress since apps eventually did not really serve the intended real-life use scenarios in full.

To overcome that we went for a bit further developed ideas and there become the challenge of finding truly agile and well matching partners to do the sometimes stressing job of putting together something under strict constraints of time, quality and budget.

HQSoftware proved to be a suitable partner for that business. We had several successful development rounds and sprints with HQ and they always brought a positive touch to the development by being in time if not even a bit ahead both in schedule and progress stage.

We are happy to recommend HQ for anyone who is in similar situation as we were. We are also looking forward to pass even harder challenges to HQSoftware in future.

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Teemu Leppälä

Founder and CEO at POB Production
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We are developing animations, virtual and augmented reality solutions. We have been working with HQSoftware for three years now and I’ve been visiting their development facilities to meet the team. I have been happy to work with them and the prototype has been very successful. So I can really highly recommend to work with HQSoftware.

simon brickle -

Simon Brickle

COO at Monterosa
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It is my pleasure to recommend Sergei Vardomatski and his company to you as a partner for outsourced software development. We have worked together on several major web application projects and found them to be reliable and competent, delivering projects on time and within budget. I would not hesitate to work with the team again in future.

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