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Don’t let outdated systems or their absence hold you back. Find your solution with software development consultancy

Software Development Consulting Services

  • 23+ years in business
  • Provide guidance on software implementation and improvements
  • Help you to choose software options according to available resources and industry specifics
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Scope of Our Software Consultancy Services

Providing both software development and consultancy options

Defining software for your needs

We analyze your business processes and challenges to determine the most suitable solutions for addressing them. Our detailed plan for incorporating new software ensures maximum ROI on your investment.

What you get: a roadmap with milestones, task prioritization, team ramp-up, and approximate project estimate based on our prices.

Establishing a team

To ensure you get a stable solution within deadlines, our software development consultants determine the required skills and size of the development team along with best project management methods. We can also select a reliable delivery team from our pool of professionals.

What you get: recommended team structure, project management best practices guide, team performance metrics setup.

Configuring a DevOps process

Accelerate time-to-market and enhance software quality with our recommendations for setting up DevOps processes. Drawing from our practical experience, we provide customized plans for continuous improvement.

What you get: customized DevOps process setup plan, continuous improvement plan.

Architecture analysis

Our experts analyze your software architecture to address scalability issues or poor system performance and provide redesign recommendations to achieve resilient operation.

What you get: architecture analysis report, system component specifications, redesign recommendations.

Tech stack selection

To avoid hindering your software development with outdated technologies, our software development consultants select a suitable tech stack based on your needs, modern approaches, and industry best practices.

What you get: recommended tech stack and tool comparison.

Software modernization

If your current software is falling short of your expectations, we analyze your systems to pinpoint weaknesses and provide a modernization plan that won’t disrupt your workflow.

What you get: assessment report, modernization plan with timeline and budget, implementation plan.

Security consulting

As part of our software consulting services, we identify security risks and provide recommendations to mitigate them.

What you get: security risk assessments, threat modeling, recovery plans.

Digital transformation strategy

Based on our expertise in building software for various industries, we are ready to automate your processes and modernize your technology infrastructure, digitizing your business.

What you get: digital transformation roadmap and organizational change management plan.

Scalability strategy

We assess your current systems and future goals and build a detailed plan for scaling your infrastructure so it remains responsive and reliable.

What you get: scalability assessment report, detailed scalability plan, disaster recovery and failover plan.

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Software Consulting Areas

Key (but not all) areas of consulting on software development

Web development

Advice on web development, from simple websites to complex web apps, ensuring your online presence meets your business objectives effectively.

App development

Guidance on app development strategies, including platform selection and user experience design, to maximize the impact of your app.

Cloud solutions

Expertise in setting up your cloud infrastructure, from architecture design to migration strategies.

AR/VR development

Insights into AR/VR trends, app scenarios, and implementation plans to create immersive experiences that drive engagement and innovation.

AI/ML solutions

Guidance on AI/ML use cases, model selection, and deployment strategies to fuel business growth in any industry.

E-learning development

Assessing current e-learning software and training programs for efficiency enhancements, such as using AR/VR, AI/ML, or analytics.

Our Approach to Software Development Consultancy

6 steps for unmatched value with software development and consultancy

  1. Step 1. Discovery

    This phase includes detailed discussions with key stakeholders to understand your business objectives and challenges. We gather insights into your current processes, systems, and technology landscape to identify areas for improvement according to your request.

  2. Step 2. Strategic planning

    Based on the insights gathered, we build a plan for software development or improvements. Besides recommendations, it includes a comparison of available options and scope, timeline, and estimates for a preferred option.

  3. Step 3. Team and technology evaluation

    We assess your existing team’s capabilities and expertise to determine the resources required for the project. Additionally, we evaluate the technology stack so you get a responsive system with smooth performance.

  4. Step 4. Task prioritization

    Once the project scope is defined, we prioritize tasks and deliverables based on their impact on objectives and a project timeline. Our goal is to ensure that we focus on high-value tasks that drive the greatest ROI for your organization.

  5. Step 5. Risk assessment

    We conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential challenges that may arise during the project and provide a mitigation plan.

  6. Step 6. Software development services

    Along with software consultancy services, we can implement the project for your business, leveraging the technical expertise of our delivery team.

Our Tools and Technologies

Technical expertise in software development and consultancy

Back-End NodeJS (Express/ NestJS/ SailsJS), C# (.NET, .NET Core, Unity), PHP (Laravel, Symfony), Python (Django), GraphQL
Front-End JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue.js, Bootstrap, Material Design, Semantic UI, Vuetify, TypeScript, Three.js
Mobile AWS, Azure, Azure DevOps, Google Cloud (GCP), Kubernetes, Terraform, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, Gitlab CI/CD
Quality Assurance Automation (nUnit, Playwright, Jmeter Jest), Manual

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About HQSoftware

Delivering software solutions for 23+ years, we strive to create high-quality software that brings value to customers. That’s why we first delve into our client’s businesses to analyze their processes and needs. We then offer the most effective options to match your available resources and budget, utilizing the best current technology practices.

  • 450+ projects
  • 300+ happy clients
  • 4.9 average score on resources like Clutch and Goodfirms
  • 120+ experts
  • 92.8% on-time project delivery
  • 65.7% Net Promoter Score

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