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Stages of Technology Consulting

Talk to a Consultant

Tech Consulting Services

From PoC to choosing the exact technologies to use

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Rapid Prototyping Services

Preparing to make your next solution great


Grasp the basic structure of your application, including information, navigation and interface design.

Static mockup

Get a more realistic, visually rich impression of how the end user will see your software and content.

Clickable prototype

Test the look and feel of your software, even click the buttons, just as if you were using a real app.

Why Create a Prototype?

Top 3 factors to consider

Better planning and decision-making

Set realistic goals and delivery schedules based on a better understanding of end-to-end functionality as well as the technical limitations of your solution. Keep the costs and potential issues transparent from day one.

Fewer reworks and higher quality

Start improving your software from the very outset of the project and avoid costly reworking. Test your design, incorporate the feedback and test again until you achieve that ultimate user experience. Iterate and find the right development approaches and tools before it’s too late.

Improved selling of your idea

A prototype is worth a thousand words. Support your story line with a working prototype, whether you are pitching it to investors, corporate decision-makers, partners or customers.

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