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Accounting Software with HST Filing Online: 3 Times Faster Tax Submission

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Industry: Finance



Enable Canadian businesses to calculate harmonized sales tax (HTS) in one click along with other accounting tasks


One-click HST eFiling app with advanced bookkeeping functionality


Selenium Python Django



active users


faster tax filing

HQSoftware’s professionals helped the client develop an online e-filing application to calculate and file HST online along with finance management and tracking rental properties. The new app replaced an outdated one with minimal functionality.

Now the solution is available on the market to quickly generate calculations online. Our client has significantly expanded the number of service users and thereby received additional profit, experiencing a quick return on investment for the software development.

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Anna Halias
Business Development Manager


The customer is a Canadian provider of online tax filing software for HST. Since the original solution offered only a minimum set of features, the customer wanted to enrich its functionality and make online services possible.


The final product is a web app that allows companies and business owners to calculate and file tax reports online. It is a one-click HST business eFiling app, with real-time reporting and a complete bookkeeping SaaS solution. Users get access to the app by subscription, at a cost depending on the number of users and generated reports.

To cover the customer requirement, HQSoftware developed the following functionalities:

  • add employee;
  • add option;
  • create T5 summary;
  • T-slips to be e-transmitted (T4, T4A, T5, T5018);
  • monthly remittance;
  • generate XML files;
  • send XML files to CRA;
  • save the result after sending files to CRA;
  • permanent solution for integration with CRA (Selenium);
  • set up Selenium;
  • save and display the confirmation number of filed forms;
  • add the report code (canceled, amended) to T4, T4A, and T5018;
  • avoid sending duplicate forms (T4, T4A, T5, T5018).

HQSoftware’s team integrated new features with the customer’s existing software ecosystem. The client has modernized its services by implementing online services with rich functionality, such as:

  • automatically calculating taxes and ITCs (investment tax credits);
  • filing HST online;
  • tracking rental property expenses;
  • managing employees;
  • managing multiple companies;
  • generating and printing payrolls and pay stubs;
  • creating and sending invoices;
  • real-time reporting;
  • creating an organizing chart of accounts;
  • company dashboarding.

The software helps avoid sending duplicate tax forms, frees users from routine actions, eliminates time-consuming filing tasks, and improves the speed and accuracy of calculating payments and reporting.

Accounting Software with HST filing online -
Accounting Software with HST filing online


To develop the application, HQSoftware formed a team that included a project manager and a Python developer. The development team chose the Kanban methodology for quick and efficient task management. It took about seven months to complete the application, which covers a large spectrum of operations, and make it fully functional.

Since the basic features had been implemented, the developer proceeded with building in the app’s functionality, including tax, invoices, and payroll forms.

HQSoftware provided full-cycle software development services, resulting in an enhanced web application. The customer got a comprehensive accounting solution built from provided source code, according to its specific business requirements.

HST filing online services have the potential to attract more clients and take the lead in the financial services industry. Currently, the client continues to cooperate with HQSoftware on delivering updates and fixes and adding new features to the application, such as a system to avoid sending duplicate forms (T4, T4A, T5, T5018).


  • 1 Python developer
  • 1 Project manager

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