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What is a Dedicated Team Model?

The dedicated team model is a partnership model in terms of which a service provider supplies the customer with software development professionals for a long-term collaboration. The delivery team composition is chosen individually based on the needs of each software project

Most often, such a team works remotely and manages all dedicated development processes independently

The dedicated team model suits long-time projects with changing requirements perfectly. 

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001

Major Benefits of Dedicated Software Teams

How your business wins by hiring an offshore software dedicated team

Time and cost savings

Hiring a dedicated engineering team is cheaper than hiring full-time in-house specialists because of lower hourly rates and no need for providing a benefits package. Also, you don’t have to spend time looking for relevant specialists on your own.

Easy team management

You can constantly communicate and receive comprehensive reports from a project manager, as well as have calls with the project team and access to tracking systems. So, you manage the strategic development of the project while a project manager covers all organizational tasks.

Flexible team structure

The structure of an offshore dedicated team can be reconfigured at any stage of the project. So, you can add, replace, or remove several software engineers if required. Also, it’s possible to mix a dedicated team model with Time and Material (T&M) model, where you pay for the actual developers’ time.

Quick start

A dedicated team model ensures fast team selection and immersion into project details, providing a quick start to the development process. As you get a ready-made team at a time, instead of each specialist individually, their actions will also be aligned more quickly.

Full project commitment

An offshore dedicated development team team works on your project only so it’s a great opportunity to examine everything thoroughly and use innovations on existing frameworks to create a high-quality solution for you.

Accelerating development

The combination of well-coordinated work of project team members and immediate technical support from the dedicated software development company speeds up the development cycle.

Close collaboration

Ongoing communication with a project manager and dedicated team developers helps to ensure that you and the team are looking in the same direction and allows accurate long-term work and investment planning.

Focus change

With a dedicated dev team, you don’t have to worry about project development as the team covers all these aspects. Instead, you can focus on key business processes and success factors of the project.

Tech talent access

Hiring a dedicated software development team provides you with an easy access to experienced and talented software development professionals all over the world who can be a part of your software team.

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Types of Remote Dedicated Software Development Teams You May Get

Field-tested and case-by-case adjustable teams

Extension of your in-house team

  • Here’s a comfortable way to add competent and reliable developers with relevant expertise to your in-house team.
  • Integration of new people goes smoothly as they communicate with your existing team to ensure a successful knowledge transfer.

Full-cycle development team

  • HQSoftware forms a full-fledged dedicated development team that covers business analysis, project management, design, development, testing, deployment, and enhancement.
  • You will have a 24/7 access to Jira and get timely status reports as well as scheduled calls with the team members.

Technical support and maintenance team

  • You can hire a dedicated team to support your needs ranging from minor changes to functionality extension and integration of new features, making sure changes are in line with your long time product development plans.
  • We offer in-house support, outsourced support, and a mixed model — a combination of in-house management and outsourced resources.

Dedicated Development Team Members

The specialists we can provide when you hire a dedicated software engineering team

Back-end developers

Responsible for the inner logic of a solution.

Node.js, Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Go

Front-end developers

Responsible for creating a user interface and its functionality.

JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue, D3.js, etc.

Mobile developers

Skilled specialists that create advanced and user-friendly mobile applications.

iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, etc.

Full-stack developers

Multifunctional specialists who work with both client and server sides of your solution. Their responsibilities include developing user interactions, creating servers and databases, and so on.

Project Managers

Responsible for communication with a client and control over the work of a dedicated software development team.

Business Analysts

BAs determine requirements, assess the software project progress, and make suggestions on how to improve dedicated software development processes.

UI/UX Designers

Ensure that the design of the solution is not only attractive but also intuitive and clear for users.

Quality Assurance engineers

Test a solution to ensure flawless performance and optimal quality

DevOps/SRE engineers

Work with a software team through the dedicated development life cycle to improve project building and testing.

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Why Dedicated Software Development With Us?

Reasons to hire a dedicated software engineering team from HQSoftware

  1. We build a best-suited team

    We create a dedicated offshore team according to your needs and project scope. That’s why firstly we thoroughly go over the project details and then select the best tech talents for you. If you have particular criteria for specialists, we also take them into account when building the team. Moreover, you can participate in the candidate selection and conduct personal interviews with them.

  2. We give you full control

    We ensure a transparent process of collaboration from team gathering to delivery of the finished project. You will have full control over the project straight, time resources, schedules, and priorities, as well as direct contact with every team member with an adjustment to your time zone.

  3. We ensure a quick jump-start

    It takes us only 2-4 weeks to provide you with a dedicated dev team of any size that quickly dives into a project and can be scaled up at any time. Moreover, you can start with just 1 dedicated developer.

  4. We provide a high level of expertise

    We strictly select dedicated software engineers to offer you a reliable team with 4-year average employee tenure. You get a team of motivated experts that are responsible for their project performance and results.

  5. We support your dedicated team

    We are always ready to back up our specialists with site dedicated support and education if they face any issue and cover all team needs. Also, we offer them opportunities for professional growth through training, certifications, and meetups. So, we do our best to ensure the robust performance of our dedicated developers.

  6. We use a flexible approach

    You can change the dedicated development team structure during the project and involve, replace, or withdraw team members. If you don’t need specific specialists on a full-time basis we can provide you with paid-by-hour experts for those roles. In addition to a flexible structure, our software development team easily adapts to new processes and methodologies upon requirements.

Technologies & Frameworks Our Teams Skilled In

Expertise and competencies of a dedicated development team

Back-end Node.js, .NET, PHP, Python, Go, GraphQL
Front-end Angular, React, JavaScript, Vue.js, Typescript, Three.js, Material Design, Semantic UI, Vuetify
Mobile iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native
Cloud and Databases Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, Maria DB, Firebase, MS Azure, AWS, GCS, NoSQL
IoT Amazon Web Services IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, Google Cloud Platform, ThingWorx IoT Platform, Universal of Things (IoT) Platform, Particle, DeviceHive, openHAB, Kaa
AR/VR Unity, Unreal Engine, Vuforia SDK, Oculus SDK, GearVRf SDK, Catchoom SDK, Wikitude SDK, Kudan SDK, EasyAR SDK, iOS/Android SDK, ARKit, ARCore

Delivery modules

Ways to cooperate with the dedicated development company

On-site dedicated development model

The project is developed on customer’s site. Shortlisted candidates travel for the required period.

Offshore dedicated development model

The project is carried out at the HQSoftware’s dedicated software development center from a concept to a fully functional solution.

On-site plus offshore dedicated development model

A part of the team is located at your site to address critical issues and interacts directly with an offshore dedicated development team.

Dedicated Development Center Setup Process

How to work with outsourcing company


  • The customer provides a scope definition so that HQSoftware delivery team does requirement analysis and expertise mapping.


  • The customer selects the team members and gets ready for a knowledge transfer. HQSoftware sets up the core of the team, does environment setup, and adjusts the methodology


  • The customer is responsible for deliverables acceptance and KPI control. HQSoftware team does reporting, team adjustment and optimization.


  • The customer provides feedback on the team’s work and makes suggestions to scale the team, if necessary. HQSoftware analyzes comments and requirements and provides the customer with extra specialists.

Q&A with Dedicated Team Provider

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