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AR/VR Application Development Services

Immersive experiences and compelling visuals

Consulting to choose an optimal AR/VR technology stack

Prototyping or MVP to validate the business idea

Full-stack development of AR/VR solutions, end-to-end

Enhancement and extension of functionality

Integration with other systems, e.g. IoT

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001

Business Value Across Markets with Custom AR/VR Software Development

See what AR/VR app development company can do for your business


Simulations of education labs, AR/VR tutorials, virtual trips, recreations of historical scenes.


Interactive guides to help train employees, test and maintain equipment, build prototypes to evaluate new components.


Interactive 3D models of products and holograms equipped with audio, video, buttons.


Safe AR/VR environments for students to learn, AR-based interfaces for medical equipment.

Real estate

Virtual guided tours around buildings with interactive 3D objects superimposed over a physical scene in real time.


Collection showcasing, virtual dressing rooms, virtual assistants, in-store navigation.

Next-gen communication

Solutions that allow teams to work on a project as a single whole, demonstrate a product, and stay on the same page remotely.


AR/VR-powered training programs, VR live streaming, Big Data and IoT for unique fan experiences.


Full-presence and immersive experiences for cinemas, TV shows, games, theaters.

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Customized AR/VR Software Solutions

Solutions you can get from AR/VR app development company

AR/VR for Mobile Applications

Compatible with multiple devices, e.g. smartphones, tablets, or digital eyewear, AR/VR technologies allow you to create apps for various purposes, from game creation to solutions for trench scanning and measurement. 3D models, object tracking, and special controllers will help you increase user engagement and ensure a smooth user experience.

Mixed Reality Solutions

With state-of-art technologies, you will be able to create interactive software with high-quality visualization that harmoniously connects objects in the physical and digital worlds. Interaction with the real world and ease of use allows you to implement Mixed Reality solutions in a variety of industries.

AR/VR Software for Workplace Training

Interactive simulations make training easier for employees and create a safe learning environment. Workers can make mistakes safely and learn by doing. Also, AR/VR helps increase the speed of training and improve learning efficiency.

AR/VR Gaming Solutions

The capabilities of AR/VR technologies make it possible to blur boundaries between the real and virtual worlds, capturing the users' attention. These technologies also allow you to offer customized content and real-time interactions, which significantly increase gamers’ engagement.

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Benefits of Custom AR/VR Software Development for Your Business

Improve your business with AR/VR solutions

Immersive user experience

AR/VR technologies enable you to present information to users in a new, unusual way that  piques their interest in receiving it. An immersive user experience will increase the efficiency of using your product. Interactive content boosts user retention, encouraging customers to feel excited about your solution.

Content flexibility

AR/VR app development has huge potential. This technology is very versatile, so it can be applied effectively in a wide variety of spheres, from books with 3D pictures to oil rig repair manuals. This helps to turn ordinary things into high-tech products and increase user loyalty.

Fast adaptation

AR/VR app development helps reduce “cognitive load” — the burden users face when interacting with a lot of new information. An engaging user experience and variety of content help users absorb new information more easily and efficiently, which leads to better results and higher customer satisfaction.

Connecting users with content

With engaging experiences and special virtual environments, users become deeply immersed in the content, which creates positive emotions and a feeling of connection to your solution. Such users are more loyal to your brand, which increases its competitiveness.

Enhancing brand awareness

A business that uses cutting-edge technologies builds a reputation for keeping up with the times. An engaging and enjoyable user experience encourages users to tell others about your solution, increasing brand awareness. Also, AR/VR content can even go viral, boosting the spread of information much faster.

Breaking down language barriers

AR/VR technologies allow users from all over the world to interact with each other using built-in real-time translators and special video rooms. For example, in this way members of a dedicated team based in various locations can communicate with each other easily.  

Expertise in Virtual and AR Services

As AR/VR app development company, we cover these aspects

Sensor-based AR/VR Solutions

We build AR/VR systems that gather and process data via sensors installed on various devices: headsets, mobile, cameras.

  • Environment-, motion-, gesture-, noise-, depth-, light-, emotion-sensitive sensors
  • Gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer


Data visualization and computer vision

We place data in a visual context to help you understand it at a glance and discover hidden trends and patterns:

  • AR/VR charts, graphs, maps
  • Big Data or data clusters
  • 3D modelling and scene reconstruction
  • Object tracking and mapping
  • Interactive communication and more

AR/VR hardware integration

We seamlessly integrate AR/VR software with an array of hardware accessories such as:

  • Cameras
  • Position trackers
  • Controllers: keyboards and gamepads

Internet of Things + AR/VR

We can further enhance AR/VR by implementing a variety of IoT hardware components: smart devices, sensors, actuators, and more.

Using Arduino, Raspberry PI, NodeMCU microcomputers and the Unity platform, we bring the best of IoT and AR/VR together.

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Custom AR/VR Software Development Technology Focus

Technologies we’ve mastered

Development frameworks / SDK

Unity, Unreal Engine, Vuforia SDK, Oculus SDK, GearVRf SDK, Catchoom SDK, Wikitude SDK, Kudan SDK, EasyAR SDK, iOS/Android SDK, ARKit, ARCore, 8th Wall, AR.js


Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

VR Headsets

Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard / Daydream, PlayStation VR

Glasses and Accessories

Epson Moverio, Microsoft HoloLens, Treadmills, Haptic Gloves

AR/VR Software Development Company: Why Choose HQSoftware?

We work to achieve outstanding quality

  1. High quality and security

    As an AR/VR software development company, we guarantee a high level of security of all business and customer-related data and the preservation of IP rights. Our expertise is recognized by Inc. 5000, Clutch, and GoodFirms, and our product is characterized by high quality, compliance with EU legislation, and cost-effectiveness.

  2. Reliable partner

    Our experienced specialists have been creating AR/VR solutions for 9 years, successfully meeting our clients’ needs. We provide a transparent process of cooperation, follow the established plan, and are always ready to provide you with needed information.

  3. Quick start

    The time we need to build an AR/VR development team varies from 2 weeks to one month, depending on the team size. We have strong and proven management processes and guarantee a predictable time-to-market.

  4. Consulting and prototyping

    First, we conduct a detailed consultation with you and approve the details of your project. Then we provide you with the MVP to validate the business idea.

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