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Customers of Video Streaming Apps

We build custom VoD software for various industries:

Education and training

Video content provides a more engaging way to receive new information, thus boosting students’ attention, activity, and grasp of the material. Video streaming helps you conduct live training effectively, at lower cost.

Media & entertainment

Videos are the most popular type of content in the entertainment industry. Since the rise of video streaming services such as Twitch and video apps like YouTube and TikTok, this content format has been driving the entertainment industry forward.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing apps allow for a streamlined work process even when team members are on opposite sides of the Earth. Such apps help you conduct remote meetings, hold conferences, and even conduct entire events with numerous attendees when physical presence is impossible.


Digitalization gives sport businesses more market opportunities. Sports live-TV apps, video live streaming, athlete movement analysis through recorded videos — these are only a few of the potential opportunities.

Game streaming

Game streaming is a whole new industry that appeared because of the development of video recording and streaming apps. Twitch users alone consume millions of hours of content daily, and there is definitely an audience waiting for your video platform too.

TV broadcasting

TV broadcasting applications are crowding out traditional television and attracting more and more audience to live video streaming apps for mobile devices and TVs. Netflix, Hulu, HBONow — these applications have already proved that VoD software is the future of television.

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Video App Solutions We Offer

High-quality video streaming, content delivery and more


Over-the-top applications development to deliver video content via the Internet rather than satellite or cable TV.

Live Streaming

Video live streaming applications for content broadcasting, e.g. TV, movies, creative content, game streams, and other.

VoD software

We will develop any type of Video-on-Demand software you need: TVoD, SVoD, AVoD, etc.


Video apps that transmit TV content on-demand using the IP address and the Internet connection.

VR and 360° streaming

Advanced applications for video recording, editing and streaming in 360°, VR content creation, and more.

Smart TV

Video apps for smart TVs, with the ability to stream content seamlessly, access video portals, TV apps, etc.

End-to-end Video Streaming App Development Services

Whether you are just kicking off with video delivery or already have a solution in place, we will make sure you get a comprehensive set of tools to maximize ROI from video content. Here is what we can do for you:

  • video strategy consulting on industry insights, monetization, audience analytics, personalization and more;
  • off-the-shelf platform customization;
  • custom OVP development from scratch;
  • extension of an existing solution, whether platform-based or custom;
  • integration

How We Develop Video Solutions

Ways to maximize ROI from VoD software


Based on your specific needs, we come up with the optimal architecture and development tools to build a solution that grows with your business.


As part of your team, we’ll nail every aspect of content delivery, providing stakeholders with full visibility into the video streaming application development process.


We roll out the solution without any downtime for your content, users and partners, all integrated with other business-critical systems.


We’ll help your team learn the ins and outs of the new solution, thus boosting user adoption and cutting the time to value.

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001

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Telecom: Video Capturing and Proxying to a Webpage

HQSoftware has partnered with a video-oriented startup to build a solution that allowed for connections to video cameras and server storage to pull the video and proxy the content to the webpage through a video frame.

Technologies Used:

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AR/VR: VoIP Application for Calls, Photos, and Drawing

The developed application allows for making VoIP calls and taking pictures during the call. The pictures can be shared with the team, enabling users to mark up via a drawing tool and making comments in real time.

Technologies Used:

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System for Isochronic, Multi-Angle Video Capturing and Processing

A video capturing/processing system that allows for several devices to shoot the video simultaneously from different angles and stream it to the tablet, granting a user remote control of the process.

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