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CRM Development Services for Retail

from custom CRM development to enhancement and integration

Consulting on technologies and approaches

CRM Prototyping or MVP to prove the idea’s feasibility

Custom CRM development from scratch

Technical enhancement or functionality extension

Integration with other software solutions such as ERP systems or payment services

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001

Benefits of CRM in Retail

what will you gain from retail CRM development for your business

  1. Customer history

    Build a custom retail CRM and never miss a thing about your customers – all their personal data and history of interaction with you is always at hand. Analyze their behavior, enhance the customer experience, and learn about their needs.

  2. Streamlining sales

    By having all customer data at hand, retail CRM solutions help businesses identify customers’ intentions. A CRM analyzes all data and past purchases to streamline sales and offer relevant products and services.

  3. ROI improvement

    Using all the data aggregated by retail CRM solutions, businesses can analyze which marketing activities are profitable and efficient and which are completely useless.

  4. Reduced training time

    Custom retail solutions help to unify and automate all staff training routines. Complete education modules can be integrated into a CRM system to cut costs and ease employee’s access to data.

  5. Stock management

    One of the most useful features for retail businesses is stock level management. With a custom retail CRM, managers and employees can get timely notifications of any shortfall or stock overflow in the store, and respond accordingly.

  6. Purchase tracking

    A retail CRM will keep an eye on all purchases individually. Data collected about these purchases will help in analyzing the interests of customers and determine which products are popular across the audience. This helps businesses create personalized services and provide better customer support.

Our Expertise in CRM Development for Retail

important features that will boost your retail business

Reporting and analytics

Retail CRM solutions help measure target parameters and manage them. A proper CRM system analyses collected data and creates rich reports. A CRM system makes it possible to design reports individually and schedule automatic report building on a weekly, monthly, or a different basis. On-demand reports are also an option.

Document management

Well-thought-out document management is a key to success for your business. A DM module will centralize the collection, storage, retrieval of documents. When a large team is involved in decision making, sales and marketing activities, building a custom retail CRM is the only way to keep everyone on the same page.

Strategic management

A retail CRM solution should ensure that your business has all the tools needed for strategic management, be it building stronger customer interactions or providing support for complex business processes. A strategic module in a custom retail CRM integrates processes across sales, marketing, and customer interaction management.

Workflow management

For retail, custom CRM solutions should automate the majority of repetitive tasks to free time for employees to focus on strategic matters. A CRM will also trigger particular actions, set reminders, analyze incoming issues, and route them to employees who are responsible for this type of issue.

Lead management

Retail CRM development can greatly help in lead management. Any business is kept afloat thanks to its ability to convert prospects into customers. And a lead management feature is here to help by enhancing your ability to identify and score leads, and then move them along the sales pipeline.

Interaction tracking

One of the main purposes of any CRM system is keeping track of each and every interaction between the customer and business. A record is maintained so that any customer service representative or other employee has instant access to any current issue and can act accordingly.

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Advanced Data Analytics for Retail

Gain a competitive advantage by utilizing the power of data analytics right in your retail CRM. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms are capable of predicting what your customers will purchase next, managing the supply chain intelligently, and even allow for voice and image search.

  • predictive analytics
  • price prediction
  • automatic product categorization
  • customer behavior prediction
  • promotions optimization
  • smart AI sales assistant

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