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Real-Time Bidding Platform to Improve Advertising Campaigns

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Industry: Marketing & PR


  • An additional revenue channel for the customer (Tinkoff Bank)
  • Attracting loyal customers from a 5-million pool of card holders
  • Managing and tailoring advertising campaigns

Technologies Used: MySQL, Highcharts, PHP, Big Data, C++, REST API, Symfony, Ext, jQuery, Backbone

Methodology: Agile


The Bank is one of the leading providers of financial services to 5+ million clients. What differs the customer from other banks is that it operates entirely online. Delivering its services through an innovative remote platform, the Bank is the world’s largest digital bank, as measured by the number of customers.


The customer turned to HQSoftware to develop a custom adtech solution – a real-time bidding platform to aid federal retail chains, local businesses, and online shops in boosting brand recognition, reaching out to core audience, and enabling an efficient conversion funnel.


Developed by HQSoftware, the System comprises three interconnected solutions: a demand-side platform (DSP), a supply-side platform (SSP), and a data management platform (DMP).

Using the Symfony framework for backend and jQuery for frontend, our team designed a demand-side platform responsible for providing access to multiple sources of inventory (advertising banners, videos, etc.). The platform allows for streamlining ad operations with applications that facilitate both workflows and report building. Enabling synergy across advertising campaigns, the solution also makes it possible to determine the value of an individual impression in real-time based on user history.

With the same underlying technology stack, a supply-side platform was delivered to furnish users with an instrument capable of managing multiple advertising networks and tailoring campaigns to the organization’s needs.

A data management platform—Backbone.js at the front-end core—was developed to provide detailed data about the targeted audience and help to better identify it and improve the conducted campaigns.

To ensure the delivered platforms—as well as each new, introduces feature—work appropriately, engineers at HQSoftware covered them with unit tests.

Employing the SSL protocols, our developers ensured security.

marketing and advertising custom software solution


Partnering with HQSoftware to get an additional revenue channel, our client developed a real-time bidding system that allows retail chains / local businesses / online shops to attract loyal clients from a 5-million pool of the bank’s cardholders.

Using deep machine learning technologies, the advertising platform ensures efficiency of identifying target audience enabling selection across such parameters as:

  • clientele geolocation (e.g., a customer lives or works in the neighborhood of retail chain’s departments);
  • clientele interests (e.g., customer regular expenses accrue to the same products/services offered by a retail chain or an online shop on the Bank’s program);
  • clientele income (how much money a customer usually spends on the goods offered by members of the Bank’s program);
  • clientele preferences regarding competitors.

As a result, the system tracks user’s activity on their affiliated websites, collects the data into a big data storage, creates 3D user profiles based on the behavior and shows highly targeted ads.

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