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Cross-platform Mobile App for Automotive Test Labs

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Industry: Automotive


  • Automated management of multiple ongoing and upcoming test tasks
  • Cross-platform Cordova app

Technologies Used: Node.js, Ionic, MongoDB

Methodology: Agile


A company providing measurement and analysis solutions for the global automotive industry.


HQSoftware was commissioned to develop a cross-platform mobile solution to help automotive test lab technicians simultaneously perform a range of time-critical vehicle tests on multiple test stands. As automotive testing implies a great number of vehicles coming and going from a lab continuously under strict schedules and scenarios, an easy-to-use interface was instrumental in ensuring flawless performance of lab staff at all times.


The project team created a Cordova mobile app that enabled lab technicians to:

mobile app development

  • view ongoing and upcoming projects (i.e. vehicles to be tested)
  • view testing tasks assigned to a particular project – for example, emission test, engine performance test and so on
  • view all testing tasks displayed by urgency
  • mark a task as complete by checking the box or scanning a QR code on a vehicle with a possibility to attach a photo
  • check occupancy of test chambers and parking lots – when a test is complete and the car goes to another stand, the system automatically updates the occupancy info


With the app’s intuitive design, all test tasks, however, various and simultaneous, come in well-structured and prioritized in line with the schedule. This way, technicians can be mobile enough to track progress on every task while having visibility into the overall performance of the lab. The app, thus, helps them stay always alert to ongoing and upcoming tasks, thus reducing delays and errors and keeping up with the industry’s complex testing requirements.

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