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E-learning: Video Course for Equipment Diagnosis

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Industry: E-learning, Automotive


  • A video course that educates users to work with a system for diagnosing automobiles against
    the European emission standards
  • Educational tutorials feature 30+ interactive activities
  • Rich interactivity helps to monitor and supervise the educational process
  • Developed solution ensured better customer experience, as the company’s clients can now
    save on time and extra expenses while using the video course online

Technologies Used: Linux, HTML5, MySQL, H5P, PHP, Moodle

Methodology: Agile


Based in Japan, the company is a global producer of diagnostic equipment for an automobile industry. With the delivered solutions, auto laboratories, maintenance stations, service centers can carry out different tests to estimate a vehicle’s operational state.


The customer turned to HQSoftware to develop an interactive video course that would help to internally educate customer’s employees to work with a system for diagnosing automobiles against the European emission standards. Furthermore, the delivered e-learning solution would facilitate the educational process for the customer’s clients eliminating the need to send tutors onsite.


Under the project, the development team had to address the following challenges:

  • while the customer needed a highly interactive course, there was also a need to work out the educational concept from scratch under a lack of documentation or any accompanying cover materials of the legacy system.
  • the underlying learning management system (LMS)—Moodle—was somewhat bulky and did not meet the customer’s corporate standards of stylistics.


The delivered educational course featured an introduction video and interactive screencasts with 30+ activities (Multiple Choice, Drag the Words, Fill in the Blanks, etc.). On completing a tutorial and passing a final exam, the system would store and process the answers provided to evaluate the level of material digestion by the trainee and assign a “badge” mark. After passing a course, the trainee gets a certificate based on the badges he earned.

To store and analyze trainees’ results, engineers at HQSofware implemented the Moodle LMS. By customizing it, our developers ensured smooth navigation through video tutorials, transparent and comprehensible for users.

Using the H5P framework, team at HQSoftware delivered high interactivity in a user-oriented interface that fits into the corporate stylistics.

In addition, researchers at HQSoftware carried out a comparative study of the technologies available on the market to offer the customer the most optimal technology stack in terms of efficiency / maintenance / price.


Cooperating with HQSoftware, the customer developed a course with video tutorials featuring 30+ interactive activities to facilitate internal educational processes. Rich interactivity adheres to monitoring and supervising trainees’ engagement in self-education. Furthermore, the delivered solution helps customer’s clients to save time and cut down on tutor expenses, as they can make use of the video course online, too.

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