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AR/VR: Sales Department Business Card

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Industry: AR/VR, Business


  • Winning a customer a strategic enterprise client
  • Visualizing data in near real-time
  • Building diagrams and configuring interaction profiles
  • Simplified tuning of smart skin and vivid demonstration of its capabilities
  • Featuring brand new Microsoft Fluent Design

Technologies Used: Unity, EasyAR SDK

Methodology: Agile


Sales and Marketing department of HQSoftware acted as a customer of this solution. The sales representatives needed a catchy detail for the traditional business card that is always given to the potential business partners upon meeting.


Sales and Marketing department suggested trying to show the company’s augmented reality development capabilities with the help of a business card. It was supposed to both entertain the person who uses the card, and provide him or her with valuable information about HQSoftware. The need was to create a solution that is both informative and entertaining, yet useful.

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The AR business card solution consists of two indispensable parts:

  • A physical business card that carries a marker for the AR experience.
  • An AR application for Android and iOS.

For this app, HQSoftware developers utilized marker-based AR. The business cards belong to different people and carry their personal contact info, therefore it was important to add one common detail. All the cards have HQSoftware’s logo which is placed on the back of the card along with a QR code. The back of the card triggers an AR experience upon scanning. The experience is the same for every card.

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A business card front and back with a marker

When the user pushes About Us in the app, the device opens a camera. The application is then ready to scan a marker.

The experience consists of three components:

  • An animated 3D model of HQSoftware’s CTO,
  • A set of 2D elements,
  • An audio track of CTO’s voice that the 3D model lipsyncs to.

Both 3D and 2D graphics elements were animated, and a 3D model precisely lipsyncs to the attached sound.

The cross-platform mobile application is built with EasyAR SDK and Unity.


HQSoftware team has created an immersive AR experience that serves the purposes of Sales and Marketing Department.

With the help of just a smartphone and a business card, sales managers can showcase a sleek demo of the company’s AR capabilities and provide information about HQSoftware in an interactive and memorable manner.

Read more about the project on our blog: How we developed an AR business card.

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