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IIoT Development Services

We cooperate with device manufacturers to create end-to-end IIoT solutions

Consulting on application of industrial IoT in manufacturing;

Software for industrial sensors, gateways, measuring devices, wearables;

Middleware development;

Industrial IoT solutions development and customization;

Edge AI;

Secure and reliable local and public IIoT device networks;

M2M interfaces;

Industrial IoT Big Data analysis, AI and ML for manufacturing;

On-premise (local) and cloud deployment;

Integration with ERP, DAM, CRM and other systems.

If you want to enhance your business solutions even further, we will offer AR and VR solutions development services.

Broad Expertise in IIoT Solution Development

Different businesses, equally great solutions

Connected manufacturing

Improve product quality and increase worker safety by bringing connected sensors and devices into a production facility.

Digital rig for oil and gas

Reduce lifting costs through better seismic analysis and pressure monitoring, as well as increased active rig time.

Predictive equipment maintenance

Use unmanned machinery inspection to reduce unexpected breakdowns and lower maintenance costs. With our advanced Industrial IoT services, you will transform real-time data from sensors and connected equipment into valuable insights. Get an IIoT solution that will make this for you.

Smart buildings

Create comfortable climate conditions for employees and inventory by implementing intelligent management of HVAC, lighting and humidity in your buildings. Save maintenance costs by reducing heat and power consumption via more flexible automated controls and fault prediction.

Asset tracking and Smart logistics

Streamline and secure storage, dispatch and shipment of goods, thanks to RFID tags, sensors, and robots inside and outside the warehouse. Use NFC and RFID tags, beacons, Wi-Fi for precise assets tracking.

Pollution control

Ensure environmental sustainability by using connected devices to measure water and air pollution levels, and receive alerts when they exceed predefined thresholds.

Asset intelligence

Monitor critical sensor data such as pressure, humidity, temperature, air quality, and other environmental changes with the help of monitoring hardware. Utilize received data to analyze asset performance.

Smart transportation

Increase safety, reliability and convenience of a vehicle fleet with the help of speed and location tracking, road condition monitoring, remote diagnostics, fuel-saving devices and more.

Intelligent farming, agriculture and forestry

Enhance land use and agricultural outputs through intelligent irrigation and cultivation, detailed forecasting and better monitoring of crops and livestock.

Energy consumption management

Control power consumption with the help of smart electricity grids and smart meters to reduce energy misuse and fraud.

Advanced IoT Technologies at Your Service

Technologies for outstanding IIoT services

  1. Digital Twins

    Take advantage of virtual models of your product, services, or physical objects. IoT devices can obtain data to create a Digital Twin, which can provide insights on how your products or services perform without even interacting with them.

  2. Artificial Intelligence

    An AI system can relieve you of the burden of gathering, analyzing and processing business-sensitive data intelligently and automatically, without bias or the human factor.

  3. Smart Tracking

    We pick the tracking technology best suited to your needs and requirements, and put it on track. Be it RFID tags for asset tracking, or LiFi for secure data transmission, we know how to apply these technologies to best effect.

  4. Computer Vision

    In engineering, Computer Vision solutions automate the tasks normally carried out by a human visual system. They can perform scene reconstruction, object recognition, motion estimation, image restoration, and even object tracking.

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001

IoT for automotive manufacturers 550x299 -

IoT: Multisensor Network Management Solution for a Carmaker

The developed system manages a network of connected smart sensors that collect, process and measure a wealth of data from vehicles and vehicle components under simulated road-driving conditions.

Technologies Used:

Agriculture IoT workflow automation 550x299 -

IoT: Tender-Winning Automation of an Agricultural Workflow

The developed IoT solution fully automates the process of gathering hay and unloading it in storage. The user creates a workflow and collects hay in accordance with it in a single push of a button.

Technologies Used:

air health analyzer for smart home 550x299 -

Sensor-based Air Health Analyzer for Smart Homes

A sensor-based IoT solution that monitors the health status of the environment inside a house. A cloud-based backend gathers and stores data for further processing while a mobile application allows checking the health status of the house on the go.

Our Approach to Industrial IoT Solutions

With a good grasp of evolving needs, opportunities and risks across industries, we offer IIoT services with a special focus on industrial requirements and challenges, such as connectivity, safety and consistent user experiences. These solutions are:

  • Seamlessly integrated in IoT systems
  • Autonomously controlled
  • Resilient to failure
  • Reliable regardless of complexity
  • Secure against cyber attacks

Benefits of Industrial IoT Solutions

How industrial IoT services helps businesses grow and prosper

Lower costs

An IIoT solution monitors the production process 24/7 and collects data on all processes to gain better insights into how to cut costs. With custom IIoT solution development you get reliable software to do maintenance operations, prevent equipment breakdowns, and optimize supply-chain efficiency to greatly cut costs.

Transparent supply chain

A well-thought-out Industrial IoT service gives you a clear picture of how the supply chain is working. It helps to eliminate inefficiencies like time wasted waiting for assets, which can cause long-term damage to customer and supplier relationships and an increase in costs. 

Efficient production processes

An IIoT solution constantly monitors all processes and analyzes their efficiency and overall equipment uptime. With all this data in hand, AI-powered analytics can focus on preventive maintenance and optimize processes to make them more efficient.

Shorter manufacturing cycle

Industrial IoT services exist to make the whole process of manufacturing more efficient. One of the parameters of efficiency is a shorter manufacturing cycle. IIoT consulting results in choosing the right IoT automation software that will decrease the manufacturing cycle time and cut costs.

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