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Software Development

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Make Data Analytics Efficient

Today we’re talking about how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can enhance Data Analytics.

Woman and child in masks during coronavirus pandemic.
Software Development

Business During the Pandemic: How to Survive Coronavirus Outbreak

A new virus pandemic is not something most of us regularly think about preparing for. With COVID-19, few businesses or people were ready to face such a problem.

coin on background
Software Development

Top 10 Financial Service Custom Software Development Companies

Today we’re taking a look at some of the best custom development companies that provide software for the financial sector.

Software Development

5 Business Activities You Should Not Automate — At Least Not Fully

Where automation truly excels is in accomplishing repetitive and simple tasks. Companies are automating such work to keep expenses low and prevent mistakes. The important question to ask is: Where should we draw the line? Which jobs should be automated, and which are better left to human beings?

Post How IoT is Influencing PCB Design and Manufacturing
Internet of Things

How IoT is Influencing PCB Design and Manufacturing

How IoT is changing the Printed Circuit Board development industry? With a massive component library at their fingertips, designers can now build any device imaginable. This is something that’ll certainly come in handy with the imminent rise of the IoT. To look further into this, let’s check out the best examples of how the IoT is changing PCBs.

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