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Virtual reality prototype
Free VR Prototype by HQSoftware — New Opportunity for Our Clients

July Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

How to reduce app dev costs banner
Software Development
How to Reduce Startup Mobile App Development Costs

The main challenge almost every entrepreneur faces is the cost of starting a startup, often with a severely restricted or even nonexistent budget, especially at the initial stage. Startups need to create a competitive mobile app at a reasonable price. So, they try to find tricks for optimizing the cost of building an app without sacrificing the quality of the finished product.

Augmented and Virtual Reality
AR/VR Ideas for Corporate Events

The main goal of using AR/VR technologies for corporate events is to improve the traditional way of holding events, especially when adapting to remote working environments.

What is a virtual store banner
What is a Virtual Store? Exploring Benefits and Use Cases

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on online shopping. According to statistics, the pandemic added $102.08 billion to US e-commerce. People started to spend more time on the Internet, including online shopping. Today, about 22% of people shop online every week, and 27% do it every two weeks.

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How Museums are Using Augmented and Virtual Reality

According to Bloomberg, the AR/VR market will reach $455 billion by 2030. Compare this to the same stats from 2020, when the market was valued at only $15 billion. Impressive, isn’t it? This tremendous success comes thanks to the ability of AR/VR mobile apps to bring benefits to almost any industry. As you already know, these technologies can interrupt nearly any business. Today, we’ll take a closer look at one such industry you may not have thought of:  museums.

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