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A Smart Mobile App for Transferring Property Data from Camera to Web Portal: 2x Faster File Uploading

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Industry: Internet of Things



Speed up file downloading and transferring from a camera to a web portal, eliminating the need for a USB flash drive.


A cross-platform mobile app to transfer archived files containing detailed property data for creating floor plans and virtual tours.



faster file uploading


faster file transferring

In close collaboration with HQSoftware, the customer acquired a smart cross-platform mobile application to streamline file download and transfer from the smart camera to the web portal.

With the need for a USB flash drive eliminated, users can now transfer files in real-time two times faster, without any limitations on file size. Additionally, the time required to upload files to the portal has been reduced by half.

Our customer was highly satisfied with the resulting solution and plans to enhance the application with bi-directional file synchronization. This will enable file availability on the mobile device at any time, no matter whether the user is downloading it from the camera or web portal.

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Our client is a Canadian producer of smart cameras that scan facilities and provide their floor plans and 3D virtual tours through a digital platform.


To obtain a floor plan or a virtual tour on the platform, users need to transfer scans from the smart camera to the web portal. Initially, users achieved that by using a USB flash drive, which proved to be inconvenient because of restricted file access. Therefore, the customer approached HQSoftware to streamline the file transfer.

To fulfill this, our development team engineered a cross-platform mobile app that allows users to integrate with the camera, download files of collected property data as archives, and transfer them to the web portal to make precise floor projections or 3D virtual tours.

A Smart Mobile App for Transferring Property Data from Camera to Web Portal. 2x Faster File Uploading 1 -
How to use a smart mobile app for transferring property data from camera to web portal

How to use the smart app:

  1. The user connects to the camera software Survey Cam via Wi-Fi.
  2. The user selects the files they would like to save on their mobile device and downloads them to the phone.
  3. Once the files are downloaded, the user disconnects from the camera and connects to a regular WI-FI or mobile internet.
  4. The user uploads files to the portal, selecting a folder to save within his or her personal account. Access to the portal with login and password is organized inside the application via web view; there is no need to open a browser.
  5. Now the user can work with files in the web platform.
A Smart Mobile App for Transferring Property Data from Camera to Web Portal. How it works min -
How the application works


Throughout the project, our development team encountered challenges in developing a single API to establish a unified camera connection flow across both iOS and Android platforms. Given that connecting to the camera involved using low-level APIs, which differed fundamentally between the platforms, designing a unified interface was crucial to enable effective utilization by end-users.

The other important requirement was to ensure simple and intuitive switching between the camera and the Internet so users won’t have to change the settings manually. We have implemented this so that manual switching is required at first connection to the camera, but then the app remembers the procedure and switches automatically.


  • 2 React Native developers
  • 1 UX/UI designer
  • 1 QA
  • 1 PM

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