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A Smart Mobile App for Transferring Property Data from Camera to Web Portal. Banner 550x299 - Portfolio

A Smart Mobile App for Transferring Property Data from Camera to Web Portal: 2x Faster File Uploading

The customer needed to speed up file downloading and transferring from a camera to a web portal, eliminating the need for a USB flash drive.

Technologies Used:

Case Ticketing app banner 550x299 - Portfolio

A Smart Ticketing Platform for Public Transportation: One-click Ticket Purchase

The customer acquired a comprehensive ticketing platform with a white-label application that can be tailored to the needs of various organizations, for example, ticket purchasing app for citizens and travelers in Turku.

Technologies Used:

App for exploring Arctic regions 550x299 - Portfolio

A Cross-Platform Mobile App for Exploring Arctic Regions

HQSoftware has developed a cross-platform mobile application that allows users to discover information about local flora and fauna, climate, meteorological metrics, marine pollution, etc. in arctic regions, to help in developing expedition routes and delivering supplies and equipment to research stations.

Technologies Used:

Case WMS navigation banner 550x299 - Portfolio

Cross-platform Mobile App for Enhanced Warehouse Navigation: 25% Faster Order Picking

HQSoftware developed a cross-platform mobile app with advanced warehouse navigation capabilities. With it, the customer reduced order picking time by 25% and achieved order picking accuracy of up to 99%.

Technologies Used:

Image 20230606 165940 105 1 550x299 - Portfolio

A Smart Access Management Mobile App to Control Digital Locks

HQSoftware developed a digital key management app for mobile devices to control barriers, doors and gate locks.

Technologies Used:

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