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The vast knowledge we have accumulated since 2001 is now applied to current projects. For more details of projects completed by our team, feel free to contact us at or submit an online form.

A Smart Mobile App for Transferring Property Data from Camera to Web Portal. Banner 550x299 - Portfolio

A Smart Mobile App for Transferring Property Data from Camera to Web Portal: 2x Faster File Uploading

The customer needed to speed up file downloading and transferring from a camera to a web portal, eliminating the need for a USB flash drive.

Technologies Used:

Dementia Reality banner 550x299 - Portfolio

VR Training on Caring for People with Dementia

Partnering with HQSoftware, the customer — Dementia Reality — received an immersive VR training program that helps professionals and families learn how to care for people with dementia.

Case Ticketing app banner 550x299 - Portfolio

A Smart Ticketing Platform for Public Transportation: One-click Ticket Purchase

The customer acquired a comprehensive ticketing platform with a white-label application that can be tailored to the needs of various organizations, for example, ticket purchasing app for citizens and travelers in Turku.

Technologies Used:

Case CrediWire banner 550x299 - Portfolio

Migrating a Platform for Financial Insights to a New Technology Stack: 5 Times Faster Solution Performance

The customer needed to migrate their platform for automating report generation and visualization of financial data to a modern technology stack with Vue.js as an underlying framework of choice.

Technologies Used:

Case BodyScope banner 550x299 - Portfolio

Bodyscope — VR Medical App for Visualizing CT and MRI Scans

Working closely with medical experts in radiology, HQSoftware’s team created a comprehensive VR platform for recreating CT and MRI scans in volume and interacting with them.

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