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young woman taking picture new york city during daytime min 1 550x299 - Portfolio

A Cross-Platform Mobile AR App to Scan Markers or QR Codes

HQSoftware developed a cross-platform AR mobile application using the EasyAR SDK to scan markers or QR codes and receive information about the object in the form of audio, video, image, or web content.

pic for agoy 550x299 - Portfolio

Cloud-based Solution for Accounting and Tax Management: Reducing the Errors in Accounting Procedures by 76%

The customer is a Swedish fintech startup that is developing a cloud-based solution for accounting, tax management, annual reporting, and more. The solution integrates with popular accounting services to provide users with the most efficient tools.

atlantic pumps 550x299 - Portfolio

IoT: Web Portal to Record and Analyze Parameters of Pumps

The customer is an expert manufacturer and supplier of dirty water pumps and slurry pumps, for use in mining, recycling, and quarry dewatering. The pumps are located all over the world, and the customer needed a solution that will help to control all the pumps.

oil and gas 550x299 - Portfolio

Configuring and Simulating Drilling Process for Oil and Gas Industry

A solution that allows for configuring and simulating each step of the drilling process either independently or as part of a complex, integrated workflow.

entertainment application for air travelers 550x299 - Portfolio

Entertainment Application for Air Travelers, on and off Board

Onboard entertainment system based on “bring your own device” approach allows those traveling on medium-haul flights to enjoy live TV programs, video on demand (VoD), hotel booking, car reservations, weather forecasts, and much more.

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