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Mobile App That Rewards Recycling of Consumer Packaging

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Industry: Business


  • Performance boost by 3x
  • An administrator interface to manage 54,000 existing users with around 400 new ones added daily
  • Precise identification of user geolocation across 5,600 recycling stations

Technologies Used: JavaScript, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, React Native, React Geolocation API, Node.js, GraphQL

Methodology: Agile

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Driving forward sustainable initiatives, Bower stands behind an application, which allows people to get paid for recycling disposable packaging. Operating in Sweden, the company was awarded People’s Choice at Norrsken 2019, a major prize for impact startups in the Nordic region.


The Bower’s application enables users to scan a barcode on the packaging while at one of the recycling stations. When the company turned to HQSoftware, the solution featured an outdated administrator interface, which required a coder to manage partner brands, QR-codes, stations, user accounts, etc.

Collaborating with HQSoftware, the organization wanted to optimize and stabilize performance and streamline business-critical operations.


Under the project, the team of HQSoftware had to address the following issues:

  • The application prevented a user from scanning a barcode if his/her geolocation was not identified at the recycling station.
  • Some of the UI components utilized too much RAM memory, which dramatically impaired performance.


By implementing the React Native’s Geolocation API, our developers ensured that the user location was identified precisely.

To enhance performance, engineers of HQSoftware redesigned RAM-intensive UI components as accordion elements. In addition, our team reconfigured the system to display the nearest stations on the map instead of loading all the 5,600 stations across the country. This helped to achieve a 3x boost in performance.

develop mobile application  develop mobile application develop mobile application

Then, experts at HQSoftware developed a web interface, which enabled administrators to manage scans, user accounts, stations, partner brands, bug reports, etc. Furthermore, our developers made it possible for end-users to submit a bug right from the application.

Finally, engineers of HQSoftware containerized the application with Kubernetes to achieve scalability and efficient resource utilization, while ensuring continuous integration/delivery with Jenkins.


Cooperating with HQSoftware, the customer optimized performance of its application by 3x. Utilized by 54,000 people in Sweden, the application precisely identifies user geolocation at the recycling station, which is critical to get a payment. With around 400 new users downloading the solution daily and new partnerships with brands, now it is possible to efficiently add and manage all the related data.

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