Educational software development solutions

We combine strong software engineering capabilities with industry awareness to deliver multi-platform e-learning solutions for commercial and nonprofit organizations in private and public sectors.

  • Education

    Empowering teachers and students with technology that creates broader educational opportunities and supports digital schooling, open courses and lifelong learning in a full-scale educational environment.
  • Businesses

    Continuous training and professional development of staff and partners that build on your strategy, corporate policies and best practices while unlocking more ambitious performance goals.
  • Government

    Expanding public service capabilities to e-learning programs for cross-departmental collaboration at federal and local levels as well as for informing and educating citizens.

Our E-learning Software Development Services

We leverage our competencies to create goal-driven, interactive and scalable e-learning applications that support multimedia content across desktop, cloud and mobile platforms. With particular attention to end users, we design intuitive solutions with easy user adoption and high visibility for managers.

  • Learning management systems

    Covering the entire learning cycle – from setting up new courses to assessing results. Rich functionality, easy administration and adaptability to your new challenges and goals.

  • Integration of online courses

    Creating digital course libraries that support multimedia content, assignments, assessment of knowledge and progress tracking.

  • E-learning portals

    Providing learners with an engaging space to discover educational materials and join discussions in a user-friendly environment.

  • Hybrid solutions beyond e-learning

    Combining the best of e-learning, task management, performance tracking and analytics to satisfy complex demands with a single solution.

  • Mobile learning

    Native and cross-platform mobile applications that enrich your e-learning programs with on-the-go access to complete functionality, whether online or offline.

  • Customization of open-source products

    Deploying a solution of your choice from a range of out-of-the-box platforms, free or licensed, and tailoring it to the exact specifics of your organization.

  • Authoring tools

    Enabling quick and convenient creation of training programs, e-courses and tests with responsive interfaces, which can be done with zero involvement of tech staff.

  • Upgrade of legacy solutions

    Revamping your legacy platforms with new capabilities, such as multimedia features, social integration, real-time communication and more.

Full-cycle E-learning Software Development

  • Technology
  • Software
  • Content
  • Maintenance
    and support

Our Approach to E-learning Application Development

As an e-learning development company, we will closely cooperate with your project stakeholders to ensure alignment with your expectations and transparency at every stage. Upon completion, we will release the solution and transfer all intellectual property rights to the project owners but ensure that our support and maintenance experts are always there in case assistance is required.


Our e-learning software development team works with a wide technological stack for building desktop, cloud and module solutions to avail teaching and learning on any device.


Our mission is to deliver e-learning applications that allow visibility into measurable results. For this, we pay particular attention to how you track the impact of e-learning investments via reports that bring together relevant metrics on particular individuals, departments and more in a few clicks.


We can address multi-disciplinary requests that combine several solutions. So far, we implemented a hybrid of e-learning, performance tracking and coaching connected to business KPIs, as well as an augmented reality application to help field service engineers in real time via a cloud-based platform.

Kick-start E-learning With HQSoftware

Drop us a line to share your ideas, and we will get back soon to shape them into a viable solution.