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Mobile Learning Development Services

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What is Mobile Learning

Mobile learning means education via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, that allows users to learn whenever and wherever they prefer. It provides formal and informal learning, self-directed or collaborative training.

Users especially benefit from mobile learning solutions thanks to a user-friendly format, interactive content, and the ability to consume content at their convenience. Businesses choose mobile learning for corporate training and remote education.

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Advantages of Mobile Learning

Why do businesses choose mobile learning technologies


Mobile learning services give users the opportunity to learn from anywhere and at any time. It also makes it possible to reach every student easily, eliminating the impact of long distance.


With mobile learning solutions, users learn at their own pace. They can pass quickly through topics they are already good at and pay extra attention to topics they are not familiar with. This makes the process of learning flexible and more effective.

Structured information

Mobile learning provides structured information, making traditional learning materials mobile-friendly. All the educational materials are divided into small pieces, adapted to small resolution and screen size, so they’re easy to see.


The personalized m-learning process boosts engagement and leads to higher user appreciation. Modules can be based on the needs of learners or designed in specific ways. Mobile learning platforms usually allow users to create a personal profile and customize the design to suit their own preferences.

Variety of content

Mobile learning services allow for adding several types of content such as text, video, audio, presentations, and so on. This variety is important because users may absorb information differently. It also helps increase interest in learning and ensures that the app meets the needs of all learners.

Ease of access

The development of 5G Internet and modern technologies allows for creating mobile learning solutions with cloud storage access. All information is kept on the cloud and apps only download the required materials. As a result, applications work faster and take up less space in the local storage. This also makes it possible to use apps offline with downloaded content.


Mobile apps offer wide functionality, almost the same as web or desktop applications. They are even capable of tackling enterprise-grade educational projects. As a result, you get a mobile application that is cheaper and yet powerful enough to meet your needs.

Modern approaches and technologies

M-learning allows for implementing additional technologies such as Augmented or Virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, to enhance the user experience. Mobile apps also offer the opportunity for synchronous and asynchronous learning and can provide gamification and functions for people with special needs.

Mobile Learning Solutions

M-learning systems and applications that you may get

Corporate education

M-learning services can provide corporate team education that includes mastering soft and hard skills, training using immersive AR/VR technologies, performing onboarding and other HR initiatives, marketing and sales training.

Personal education

Apps offer dynamic and comfortable education with a high level of usability and user engagement in the process to, for example, learn languages, develop communication skills, improve critical thinking and memory, and develop analytical and problem-solving skills

Learning Management System

LMSs help to provide and administer the learning process on mobile devices effectively: store and manage data such as educational content, information about students, and reports; and help to structure, analyze and visualize all information.

Educational games

Adding elements of gamification such as strategy, levels, quests, and puzzles makes learning more interactive and fun. It helps to motivate students, draw their attention, and increase retention. The game format combined with a story makes memorizing easier and helps users tackle difficult topics with less stress.


The combination of mobile learning solutions and microlearning significantly simplifies the learning path by emphasizing the most important information and dividing big topics into small pieces. Cooperatively it helps to put information into the long-term memory and gives students the opportunity to manage their learning process.

Mobile apps for kids

Educational mobile apps for children turn the learning process into a game and thus help to keep kids’ attention. It may include vocabulary and spelling exercises, memorizing, developing motor skills and patience, training solutions for kids with special needs. Mobile learning offers appropriate technologies for different ages from preschool to high school education and can be used both for online and offline classes.

Apps for special education

Mobile learning apps for people with special needs. They provide educational games for coping with learning disabilities, practices for developing visual, motor, and cognitive skills. The app can be personalized to the needs of a particular person and enhance motivation and interest in learning.

Campus mobile apps

The main goal of campus apps is to create a multifunctional community among the students of colleges and universities. These solutions provide real-time communication, schedule management, access to the libraries and news as well as student performance and monitoring.

Customer Stories

450 business goals reached through tech solutions since 2001


AR/VR: AR Mobile App for Equipment Maintenance

A cross-platform mobile app that allows for on-site maintenance of complex industrial equipment without the help of experts.

Technologies Used:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • PouchDB
  • CouchDB
  • Metaio SDK
  • Polymer Project
  • Apache
  • Cordova

E-learning: Video Course for Equipment Diagnosis

E-learning solution to facilitate the educational process of customer’s employees and educate them to work with a system for diagnosing automobiles against the European emission standards.

Technologies Used:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • Linux
  • Moodle
  • H5P

E-learning and Performance Tracking System

The developed system combines learning management and performance management in one system and provides a user-friendly interface for easier creation of online courses. Enjoys 50,000+ users across several industries.

Technologies Used:

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AR/VR Mobile Learning Apps

Put learners in a new reality and visualize learning content. Make training of employees interactive and provide the opportunity to practice with special virtual equipment without actually using it, which prevents the wear of equipment and reduces the risk of misuse.

  • Involve in the learning process
  • Improve memorizing
  • Increase motivation
  • Provide comprehensive details in a dynamic format

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