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VR Simulations for Occupational Training

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Industry: AR/VR



Deliver well-balanced VR simulations for occupational training while providing a natural feeling of performing the tasks.


VR simulations that help trainees learn occupational skills for acquiring new jobs in engineering, mechanics, and cooking fields.


Unity Oculus Quest


Our customer is a provider of solutions for occupational training that help individuals learn professional skills for in-demand jobs across various industries, including automotive, aviation, and more.


The client turned to HQSoftware to build an immersive VR environment that offers trainees a real-world experience, allowing them to gain theoretical and practical knowledge.

To teach complex movements effectively, the simulations must strike a balance by providing a natural feeling when performing specific actions without being too hard for a trainee. Actions such as screwing, measuring, or jacking a vehicle up should closely resemble real-life experiences to ensure users learn the skill perfectly.


The resulting solution offers immersive, easy-to-follow VR simulations for professional skills training. The simulations cover several fields, including electrical fundamentals, truck maintenance, and cooking. Regardless of the subject matter, they enable users to perform complex actions in a natural way and acquire skills essential for a particular occupation.

The VR app provides two learning modes:

  • Animation tutorial. The tutorial guides the trainee through a complete sequence of actions. The trainee follows the animated instructions and sees “ghost hands” performing an action with voice instruction.
  • Hands-on practice. The trainee repeats the sequence of actions on their own with minimal guidance. If they encounter any challenges during an action, the software provides a little hint to make sure the trainee understands what to do. At the end of the simulation, the trainee gets a score and a medal based on their performance.

The VR training software also features an admin panel to upload and manage simulations as well as add students and score their performance.


Since the solution was developed in close cooperation with the customer, the HQSoftware team adopted the Agile methodology to quickly react to the customer’s insights and requirements.

To create simulations, the client provided our team with a detailed specification, including a comprehensive training script and requirements for sound effects and animation descriptions. Also, the customer was responsible for 3D models and voice commands. The backend was covered by the customer as well, including scripts to handle transitions between simulation steps.

In turn, our team was responsible for creating a Unity-based VR environment on the front-end to handle the simulations. We provided the customer with daily builds so they can test them according to the specification.


  • 3 Unity developers
  • 1 project manager
  • 1 3D modeler


Teaming up with HQSoftware, the client successfully developed a software solution for effective VR training with an abundance of simulations. The main goal of the software is occupational training, helping users learn new skills to acquire new jobs.

With the new solution, the client achieved an 84% engagement rate during VR training and 67% knowledge retention. This confirms the efficacy of the VR solution and enables our customer to attract new users globally.

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engagement rate during VR training


knowledge retention

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