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E-learning and Performance Tracking System

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Industry: E-learning


  • Cloud-based SaaS with 50,000+ users across several industries
  • Combines learning management and performance management in one system
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for easier creation of online courses

Technologies Used: PHP, Knockout, JavaScript, Laravel, Bootstrap, Angular

Methodology: Agile


A fast-growing Danish company that offers software for learning and performance management across multiple industries in over 40 countries.


Backed with HQSoftware’s technical skill set and experience in the e-learning industry, the customer set out to resolve the two main problems that typically arise with e-learning software:

  • companies have a hard time trying to align employee training with the business needs and measure its effectiveness across the organization. There is little visibility into who, when and why should be trained, as well as how to evaluate the outcomes and course-correct the learning process, if needed;
  • non-technical HR specialists are not able to create learning content quickly and easily because the interfaces of LMSs and authoring tools are mostly too complicated.


Integrating Learning Management and Performance Management

Once the project team had brought these two modules together, the system enabled an entirely new employee training model with the following cycle:

  • Line managers gain insights into KPIs related to employees, departments and processes through granular Highcharts dashboards that display both static and dynamic information.
  • They next identify performance gaps and come up with competency models to accomplish targeted KPIs.
  • The models are sent to the employee training department, which then develops customized online courses to tackle every employee’s unique weak points – imagine two sales reps separately improving their skills in sales closing and objection handling, respectively, but taking a course on strategic prospecting together.
  • Once the training is finished and new KPIs are collected, the system analyses them and transfers to both the line managers and employee training department.
  • Based on these insights, the learning content is enhanced so that employees can train and perform better.

The system comes as especially effective for those large companies that need to teach the same knowledge and skills to hundreds of employees at the same time. For example, they can serve different versions of learning content to multiple groups (just like A/B testing) and find out which one works best by monitoring employee performance.

In addition to business-specific knowledge, the software allows educating employees on corporate ethics, values, policies, legal requirements and more. By blending several topics at a time, companies can deliver personalized compliance training courses to help employees make informed, risk-free decisions.

Building a User-Friendly UI for Learning Content Creation

The new design represents an intuitive, highly visualized course builder with a rich set of in-built elements like text, audio, video, images, presentations, surveys and more. With a comprehensive step-by-step visualization of the pipeline, it allows creating and running courses quickly and requires no programming skills.

The course creation process breaks down to the following simple steps:

  • Describing the course
  • Creating the structure with the help of the in-built elements
  • Adding tags to link the course with the company’s particular objectives, such as the so-called hard goals like cold calling conversion rates or soft goals like product understanding
  • Setting the course duration, notifications and more
  • Adding gamification elements


Available across PC, tablets and smartphones, the system is now used by organizations in over 40 countries, including banks, consulting agencies, large manufacturers and more, with a total base of 50,000 users.

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