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Case Rococo banner min 550x299 - Portfolio

IoT Mobile App for Breath Alcohol Testing with Facial Authentication for Truck Drivers

HQSoftware developed a new Android app with improved performance for breath alcohol concentration testing with facial authentication for truck drivers. The app is 50-60% faster than the outdated one, which increased the satisfaction of end-users.

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Mobile App for Scanning Location of Underground Cables: 1.7x Faster Project Completion

The customer is a Finnish provider of analytics solutions for the manufacturing, financial, processing, and energy industries. The company specializes in real-time analytics, location intelligence, external data, and edge computing.

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Virtual Fitting Room on Mobile: 30% Reduction in Returns

Reactive Reality helps retailers increase sales and reduce return rates by bringing the fitting room to consumers’ mobile devices. Recognizing the opportunity, Reactive Reality AG partnered with HQSoftware to develop a mobile app that allows online shoppers to create their avatars and enjoy all the perks of a virtual fitting room anywhere they are.