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E-3PL System Development | Warehouse Management System

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Industry: Warehouse Management System


  • Top-tier enterprise resource planning software system
  • Machine learning features for automated replenishment
  • AI-powered demand forecasting

Technologies Used: Node.js, Python, MongoDB, Vue.js, AWS

Methodology: Scrum


Our customer is a US-based fast-growing startup providing cutting-edge warehouse and supply chain management software to commerce and retail companies in North America.


Our client was looking for reliable software development companies that could extend their in-house team to engineer and constantly upgrade a core product — innovative ERP platform. The major goal was to create a marketable software system for inventory management and transform a startup into a money-making business. HQSoftware was selected as one of the core outsourcing partners thanks to comprehensive expertise in e-commerce, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

HQSoftware joined the international team at the very beginning of the project. Besides engineering itself, the project’s objectives were to add ML-powered features, ensure robust security, create intuitive user interface, etc.


As part of a large international team, HQSoftware has participated in the development of the state-of-the-art ERP system. Powering the on-demand item delivery, the designed inventory control platform is a “game-changer” solution for grocers, retailers, dark stores, and DTC brands.

  • Automatically Push Inventory to Customer App in Real-Time. The solution helps eliminate substituted and missing items by only allowing customers to purchase products that are in stock at that instant.
  • AI-Driven Automated Replenishment. With the ERP system, operators can automatically place POs from supply chains based on AI-driven demand forecasts and product expiries to stay perfectly stocked and minimize wastage. 
  • Warehouse Audit Management. The system allows for conducting audits of warehouse operations and enables businesses to track and manage the results of those audits.
  • Smart Warehouse. The system is empowered with a mobile app with an algorithm for building a warehouse schemes and the shortest paths to the particular product.
  • Express Picking. One can pick orders in 2 minutes with high accuracy and minimal training with barcode verification.
  • Express Receiving. Cutting-edge receiving process built for speed and efficiency that allows a user to scan inbound items and automatically route for put-away. 
  • Multi-Location. The platform is capable of deploying to thousands of sites. 
  • Supplier Integrations. Flexible integrations work with API or EDI.  
  • Lot Code & Expiry Tracing. Handles lot codes and expiry dates with full traceability to the customer.  
  • Reports & Dashboards. Customizable reports and data integrations for complete visibility.
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Before the project started, the customer had a clear idea of the way this solution had to be implemented. Our IT specialists elicited the client’s requirements and suggested the optimal technology stack to cover project’s scope and the system’s functionalities. Due to the specifics of the project, we decided on and applied the Scrum software development life-cycle methodology with two-week sprints.

The client has been cooperating with HQSoftware based on the dedicated team and IT staff augmentation models. Our IT professionals worked with the customer’s in-house development team and dedicated development teams around the world.

Technologies, platforms, and tools

VueJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Docker, Python, Postgres, AWS Lambda,Mocha, Mock, Nock, Istambul, Nyc, Playwright, Jest, Axios, Qase


  • 1 tech lead
  • 5 back-end developers
  • 2 front-end developers
  • 2 mobile developers
  • 2 Python developers
  • 2 QA engineers
  • 1 project manager
  • 1 business analyst
  • 1 UI/UX designer


In cooperation with the client’s team, HQSoftware has successfully developed the E-3PL system that enables fast commerce and automated stock management. With the system , retail and commerce businesses can distribute, manage and fulfill inventory across multiple locations so they can focus on other tasks. Thanks to innovative features, the E-3PL platform helps ensure 99.9% order accuracy rate, 80% increased AOV (average order value), and 99.4% orders ship same day.

After the app’s launch, our team continues to work on the solution maintenance and develop new features aiming to add more automation capabilities. Also, we work on the new brand mobile app based on the cross-platform approach.


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