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Migrating a Platform for Financial Insights to a New Technology Stack: 5 Times Faster Solution Performance

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Industry: Finance



Speed up performance and eliminate maintenance issues with a platform for automating report generation and visualization of financial data. The customer wanted to migrate to a modern technology stack with Vue.js as well as extend the platform’s functionality.


Migration of the platform to a modern technology stack and code base optimization without downtime or increased technical debt


PHP MySQL Vue.js Webpack



increase in solution performance


easier platform maintenance

In cooperation with HQSoftware, the customer migrated their platform for financial insights to a modern technology stack without downtime or increasing the technical debt. The optimization of the existing code base through reusable components allows for reducing efforts spent on development and maintenance. We also introduced a game-changing functionality, enabling end-users to generate visually-rich reports and share it with auditors, banks, partners, etc.

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Anna Halias
Business Development Manager


Headquartered in Copenhagen, CrediWire is a software provider for the finance industry. Their flagship product is a platform that enables businesses to automate reporting to banks, auditors, boards, etc. Founded in 2015, the organization is supported by Copenhagen Startup Fintech Lab.


As most of the issues, such as performance challenges, troublesome maintenance, and increasing technical debt, resulted from the build process using outdated technologies, HQSoftware’s engineers focused on improving it.

First, our developers utilized Webpack to automate mundane tasks of the build process, as well as support the format of the Vue.js framework. By implementing Babel, experts at HQSoftware ensured that JavaScript’s new syntax is supported by all the browsers. All these measures taken contributed to smooth migration without increasing the technical debt.

To abide by the best practices of software development, our team delivered a library of reusable components, thus optimizing existing code base.

As part of extending the platform’s functionality, engineers at HQSoftware also developed a reporting system that allows for creating a presentation based on the available data (charts, graphs, etc.) and sharing it.

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Overview of invoices

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Profit overview

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Summary report

Finally, our developers implemented unit testing.


In the course of the project, the team at HQSoftware had to address the following issues:

  • Migration had to be performed without downtime or a growing technical debt, as the system was in production with dozens of companies using it daily.
  • The legacy build process did not support the format of the Vue.js framework.
  • Bower, a package manager employed during the platform’s development, had been deprecated for 3 years already.
  • Originating from the lack of components-based development principles, code files contained a lot of duplicates and copy paste. As a result, a single code file could be 5,000 lines long, impossible to maintain.

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