Top-notch Custom Software Development

HQSoftware is custom software development company with over 15 years of experience specializing in web applications development. From mobile apps to enterprise solutions - original software tailored to your needs is about moving your business forward. We have built dozens of such systems. 

Custom software development services:

software integration services
Integration of several existing products
software customization services
3rd party software customization

Over years we have been specializing in web and mobile technologies, which is our core focus until now. We do front- as well as back-end development, including UI/UX design. Our team is not limited by any business domain and has done custom software development projects for digital marketing agencies, banks, financial institutions, retail stores, medical and educational establishments, government as well as for other software development companies.  

Technology focus:

Our team creates custom software using PHP, .NET, Java, Node JS ad mobile applications for iOS and Android. Projects range from applets to cloud-deployed application architecture, SaaS solutions, 3rd party integrations. Software consulting services span from user experience to service layer abstraction, database design, administrative interfaces and customer management.


Software Development Process

We managed to develop business process that let us deliver results and stay on track within budget and on time. Our team guides customers through established workflow, crafts custom software driven by agile process, user testing and responsive design. 

Typically cooperation starts with kick off meeting/call with our team. If you already have specification – we go through it beforehand. If not – we are here to help you. We figure out whether the information is sufficient and get back to you with questions. Once we have studied your needs and expectations we are ready with project proposal which includes: 

  • project understanding
  • proposed technology stack
  • communications map
  • risk management
  • project assumptions
  • project deliverables
  • price and payment details
  • warranty 
  • preliminary estimation


Software Development Methodologies

If you accept our project proposal and choose us as a vendor, we will offer you most suitable delivery model (onsite, offshore or a combination) and development methodology. We are open to use classic Waterfall approach or Agile techniques - whatever fits better. 



For Scrum projects our team provides ballpark estimation. We will need your help to prioritize tasks which we will form afterward into project backlog. Development process is divided into short sprints, typically one week or two weeks long. At the end of every sprint stakeholders and team members meet to discuss progress and plan next steps. The sprint ends with a sprint review and retrospective. The product is kept in a potentially shippable (properly integrated and tested) state at all times. As the next sprint begins, the team chooses another chunk of the product backlog and begins working again.


agile software development process





The Kanban methodology is  less structured than Scrum. We will use Trello to create Kanban board and complete task by task till we reach the end of the list. The team is only focused on the work that's actively in progress. Your or our Project Manager as product owner is free to re-prioritize work in the backlog without disrupting the team because any changes outside the current work items don't impact the team. There are no fixed-length iterations you find in scrum, however we do ballpark estimation and try to keep to the schedule which was promised. 



If you want to stick to waterfall we will recommend to go through Research and Discover Stage before we start development. The overall goal of the stage is to nail down full requirements for further quality development. We transform your vision into interactive prototype and detailed specification. This is especially important if you what to get estimates from multiple vendors. Otherwise, you might end up comparing considerably different estimates and unable to make decision. Discovery stage usually costs about 10% of the total project price and lasts from a couple of days up to 5 weeks for big projects.  What is more important, it saves time and up to 50% of costs during implementation stage. 


software prototyping services

Depending on the project, the output of the Discovery Stage may include:

  • Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
  • Interactive UI Prototype
  • Software Architecture Document
  • Test Plan
  • Project Plan
  • Detailed Estimate by task

After Discovery stage is completed, our team will get down to implementation, testing and delivery - going from stage to stage until the product is ready to be launched. 


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance covers whole software development process starting from requirements definition and till product release and integration.  ISTQB certified QA engineers provide:

  • compatibility testing
  • functional testing
  • performance testing
  • localization testing
  • security testing

 Core principles:

  1.  Collaborative approach not only QA specialists are involved and team members take responsibility for quality of the system.
  2.  Early start. We prefer to do it early in the development process rather than wait towards the end. Issues are far cheaper to fix if they are caught earlier in the development process.

 Result: Reduced time-to-market, significant cost reductions due to effective defect prevention, decreased software warranty costs.


Maintenance and Support

We aren’t done when all the deliverables are in place. We’re done when we’ve set you up for success. Custom software development with HQSoftware firm goes beyond implementation and testing. All developers and project managers are contracted to work overtime and on weekends in urgent cases. Should your system need constant support we can provide a team of dedicated developers to keep you going. For fixed price projects we offer 180 days warranty


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