Hire a Custom Software Development Team

HQSoftware is a custom software development company with 18 years of experience. We deliver web applications and mobile apps for B2C and B2B - original software is about moving your business forward. Our team is not limited by any business domain and builds custom software solutions for large industrial manufacturers, insurance providers, medical and educational establishments, banks and financial institutions, retail stores, governments as well as for other software development companies. 

Our Custom Software Development Services

We do not limit ourselves to particular domains when we provide our custom software development services, yet we have some extra interest and relevant experience in IoT, AR/VR and Insurance

Why Us

  • Strong PM team with 7+ years of experience
  • Certified professionals
  • Technical consulting - not only coding
  • 100% mid and senior developers
  • Acknowledged by Inc. 5000, Clutch and more
  • Guaranteed IP rights and security assurance
  • Transparent communication and full control
  • Fast team ramp-up

Success stories

  • A scalable and modular solution that allows remote network management of connected devices in a variety of areas, be it smart homes, cities, plants or others applicable.
    Technologies used: JavaScript  Node.js  AngularJS  PouchDB  CouchDB  InfluxDB 
    Industry: internet of things 
    Timeframe: 9 months
    Methodology: agile
  • A cross-platform mobile app that allows for on-site maintenance of complex industrial equipment without the help of experts.
    Technologies used: JavaScript  Metaio SDK  HTML5  Polymer Project  Apache CouchDB  PouchDB  Cordova 
    Industry: industrial sector 
    Methodology: agile
  • The developed system manages a network of connected smart sensors that collect, process and measure a wealth of data from vehicles and vehicle components under simulated road-driving conditions.
    Technologies used: ASP  Node.js  AngularJS  Web sockets 
    Industry: internet of things 
    Methodology: agile
  • A highly customizable system for managing various connected devices in a smart building or on a smart yacht.
    Technologies used: Java  Android SDK 
    Industry: internet of things 
    Methodology: agile
  • The system was developed for the leading provider of audit services for self-managed super funds (SMSF) in Australia. It performs nearly 10,000 audits per year.
    Technologies used: C #  JavaScript  T-SQL  ASP.NET MVC  ASP.NET Web API  Knockout.js  Entity Framework  SSRS  Microsoft Dynamics CRM  iTextSharp library  SQL Server  Microsoft SharePoint  Azure Functions  ASP.Net Core  Xero API 
    Industry: finance 
    Timeframe: 3 years/ongoing
    Methodology: agile
  • An online trading platform for financial institutions, retail brokers, banks based on Caplin, the award-winning web trading framework. The system includes multiple trading and liquidity management solutions and offers its customers access to large pools of diversified liquidity at high speed with complete transparency.
    Technologies used: PHP  MySQL  JavaScript  Java  Highcharts  Node.js  Polymer Project  Caplin Platform  PostgreSQL  Apache  Knockout 
    Industry: finance 
    Timeframe: 2 years/ongoing
    Methodology: agile
  • Remote control system for a dental chair via a smartphone / tablet / laptop.
    Technologies used: JavaScript  Node.js  AngularJS  TypeScript  ECMAScript 2015 
    Industry: internet of things 
    Methodology: agile
  • The developed system combines learning management and performance management in one system and provides a user-friendly interface for easier creation of online courses. Enjoys 50,000+ users across several industries.
    Technologies used: PHP  JavaScript  Knockout.js  Laravel  Bootstrap  Angular.js 
    Industry: e-learning 
    Methodology: agile
  • The system tracks all the processes within an enterprise, scores their efficiency against four major criteria and visualizes the results in comprehensible diagrams.
    Technologies used: PHP  MySQL  CSS  HTML  Linux  Android  iOS  Ionic SDK  Canvas  SVG  MS SQL 
    Industry: consultancy 
    Methodology: agile
  • The developed application allows for making VoIP calls and taking pictures during the call. The pictures can be shared with the team, enabling users to mark up via a drawing tool and making comments in real time.
    Technologies used: Java  Objective C  Sinch  Parse  Sashido  Firebase Dynamic Links  Crashlytics  webRTC 
    Industry: telecom 
    Methodology: agile
  • The application runs on Android devices transmitting distorted visuals to glasses of virtual reality. Is used at special trainings to improve skills of safe driving.
    Technologies used: Java  Android SDK  Google VR SDK  OpenGL ES  NativeStackBlur  GPUImage for Android 
    Industry: virtual reality 
    Methodology: agile
  • Onboard entertainment system based on bring your own device approach allows those traveling on medium-haul flights to enjoy live TV programs, video on demand (VOD), hotel booking, car reservations, weather forecasts and many more.
    Technologies used: Node.js  MongoDB  React Native  ReactJS  MOI Pro  Avconv  Nimble Streamer  Microsoft Azure 
    Industry: air travel 
    Methodology: agile
  • Robust and easy-to-use mobile solution that enables clients to quickly check on the vehicles under repair at the service station, get access to invoices and other financial data, learn about current offers and promotions.
    Technologies used: PHP  MySQL  Apache Cordova  SOAP 
    Industry: automotive 
    Methodology: agile
  • Cross-platform mobile solution to help automotive test lab technicians simultaneously perform a range of time-critical vehicle tests on multiple test stands.
    Technologies used: Ionic framework  Node.js  MongoDB 
    Industry: automotive 
    Methodology: scrum
  • Advertising platform to aid retail chains, local businesses, and online shops in boosting brand recognition, reaching out core audience, and enabling efficient conversion funnel.
    Technologies used: PHP  MySQL  C++  Jquery  Backbone.js  Symphony  Highcharts.js  ExtJS  REST API  BigData 
    Industry: marketing & advertising 
    Timeframe: 8 months
    Methodology: agile
  • E-learning solution to facilitate the educational process of customer’s employees and educate them to work with a system for diagnosing automobiles against the European emission standards.
    Technologies used: PHP  MySQL  HTML  Linux  Moodle  H5P 
    Industry: automotive 
    Methodology: agile
  • The project was carried out under the auspices of the United Nations and aimed at stimulating national export, promoting consumer industry goods at foreign markets by adopting innovative marketing technologies.
    Technologies used: PHP  MySQL  JavaScript  CSS  Ionic framework  HTML5  ASP.NET MVC  Microsoft SQL Server  JQuery  EpPlus  NopCommerce 
    Industry: e-commerce 
    Timeframe: 9 months
    Methodology: agile
  • A mobile app that adds a spark to relationships by gamifying couples’ household routines. HQSoftware’s team was to translate the customer’s concept into an engaging, intuitive and secure OS application worth earning an estimated base of 100,000 users.
    Technologies used: PHP  Apache Cordova  AngularJS  Amazon S3 
    Industry: media/entertainment 
    Timeframe: 6 months
    Methodology: scrum
  • Retooling of a web-based PHP system that allows golfers and courses manage tee-time reservations. User experience improvement and performance optimization. Promo website design and development.
    Technologies used: PHP  MySQL  Stripe API  T-Links API  Symfony 
    Industry: booking systems 
    Methodology: agile
  • The portal allows both tourists and locals to connect to the wi-fi network in a resort town via an e-mail or Facebook. It helps to build client database as well as promote a variety of services offered by the provider.
    Technologies used: JavaScript  CSS  HTML  Node.js  MongoDB  Debian  JSON  Mandrill 
    Industry: internet 
    Methodology: agile
  • Improvement of online cinema available at customer's website to ensure compatibility with screens of any resolutions and avoid extra expenses of enterprise subscription.
    Technologies used: PHP  JavaScript  jQuery  Wowza  CodeIgniter  Bitmovin 
    Industry: telecommunications 
    Methodology: agile
  • A mobile application that builds dynamic and visually rich reports to enhance workflows and establish healthy internal processes.
    Technologies used: JavaScript  Apache Cordova  Mondrian  XMLA  MDX  Python  Saiku  D3.js  Xmla4.js  OLAP Cubes  Web SQL 
    Industry: government 
    Methodology: agile
  • BBC

    BBC has set up a campaign with a simple purpose to inspire people to care for green places near the homes they live in. One doesn't need a lot of space, time or money either, just the desire to create something positive and the will to make it happen.
    Technologies used: PHP  MySQL  ROR  version control system - SVN  LinuxDebian 
    Industry: media 
    Timeframe: 10 months
    Methodology: RUP

Software Development Technology Focus

How We Start a Software Project

The cooperation starts with a kick off meeting or a call with our team. If you already have a specification – we go through it beforehand. If not – we are here to help you. We figure out whether the information is sufficient and get back to you with questions. Once we have studied your needs and expectations we are ready with project proposal which includes:

  • project understanding
  • technology stack
  • communications map
  • risk management
  • project assumptions
  • project deliverables
  • price and payment details
  • warranty
  • preliminary estimation

The proposal also includes a suitable engagement model and a development methodology that fits your project best.

Engagement Models

Software Development Methodologies

We are open to using the classic Waterfall approach or Agile techniques - whatever fits better. 



In terms of Scrum, we provide a ballpark estimation. With your help, we prioritize tasks which will form the project backlog. Bespoke software development process is divided into short sprints, typically one-two weeks long. At the end of every sprint, we meet to discuss progress and plan next steps. The sprint ends with a sprint review and retrospective. The product is kept in a potentially shippable state at all times.


We will use Trello to create a Kanban board and complete the tasks one by one until we reach the end of the list. Your or our Project Manager as a product owner is free to re-prioritize work in the backlog without disrupting the team because any changes outside the current work items do not impact the team. 

agile software development processScrum workflow


The first stage of Waterfall is Research and Discover - the goal is to determine full requirements and then create a prototype. This is especially important if you want to get estimates from multiple vendors. Otherwise, you might end up comparing considerably different estimates and unable to make a decision. The stage costs about 10% of the total project price and lasts from a couple of days to 5 weeks for big projects. What is more important, it saves time and up to 50% of costs during the implementation stage. 

The outputs often include:

  • Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
  • Interactive UI Prototype
  • Software Architecture Document
  • Test Plan
  • Project Plan
  • Detailed Estimate by task

After the Discovery stage is completed, our team will get down to implementation, testing and delivery - going from stage to stage until the product is ready to be launched. 

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance covers the whole custom software development process starting from requirements definition and until product release and implementation. ISTQB certified QA engineers provide:

  • compatibility testing
  • functional testing
  • performance testing
  • localization testing
  • security testing

Core principles:

  • 1. Collaborative approach. Not only QA specialists are involved and team members take responsibility for the quality of the system.
  • 2. Early start. We prefer to do it early in the development process rather than wait towards the end. Issues are far cheaper to fix if they are caught earlier in the development process.


  • reduced time-to-market
  • significant cost reductions due to effective defect prevention
  • decreased software warranty costs

Maintenance and Enhancement

We aren’t done when all the deliverables are in place. We’re done when we’ve set you up for success. Custom software development with HQSoftware firm goes beyond implementation and testing. All developers and project managers are contracted to work overtime and on weekends in urgent cases. Should your system need constant support we can provide a team of dedicated developers to keep you going. For fixed price projects we offer 180 days warranty