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How We Developed an AR Business Card

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In this article, we will talk about business cards that we use in HQSoftware. If you meet our employees – ask them to show what’s interesting about our cards.

What’s the Purpose

As a company that specializes in augmented and virtual reality solutions development, we decided to apply our core skills to upgrade a business card. Now it demonstrates a simple yet sleek demo of what we do. We expect such an interactive visual piece to have a higher conversion rate than just a dull paper card.

What’s Inside

To try our business card, you either need to get a physical copy of it or download a marker from the app HQSoftware AR for Android and iOS. We utilized marker-based AR to provide the ability to scan the business cards that belong to different people.

2   Copy3 - How We Developed an AR Business Cardpasted image 0 5 - How We Developed an AR Business Card

A business card of our Sales Manager  and a downloaded QR code that can be used instead of a card

To scan the marker, open the HQSoftware AR app and push About Us. This will open your phone’s camera. Focus it on the marker and the AR experience will start.

pasted image 0 576x1024 - How We Developed an AR Business Card

The main screen of HQSoftware AR mobile application

A 3D model of our CTO  appears upon the marker and tells you about the company, its history, core tech stack, and industries that we focus on. The application was made with Unity because it allows for creating cross-platform mobile apps, and EasyAR SDK. The buttons are clickable and lead to relevant website pages. We also utilize sound recognition to synchronize the voice with the speech animation.

pasted image 0 1 1024x576 - How We Developed an AR Business Card

A model of HQSoftware CTO appears upon an AR marker on the back of a business card

But there is more – from the main page of an application you can start an AR game about IoT-powered smart factories. In this game, you have a factory that experiences a breakage. You see two modes – a traditional factory and a smart one. In terms of traditional manufacturing, you need to wait for an engineer who will fix a breakage manually. This takes time, the equipment is idle for some period of time, and the engineer’s work needs to be paid.

To see how efficient and cost-effective the smart factory is, you can switch the mode. In this mode, you will add connected appliances such as a sensor, a gateway, and an actuator to the factory to establish a smart manufacturing process. When a smart factory detects a breakdown, it can obtain data on how to fix it from a cloud server or local storage.

pasted image 0 2 1024x576 - How We Developed an AR Business Card

The game offers you to switch to a “Smart factory” mode

pasted image 0 3 1024x576 - How We Developed an AR Business Card

You can add a sensor to start building a smart factory

pasted image 0 4 1024x576 - How We Developed an AR Business Card

When you add all the necessary parts, the smart factory is ready and can fix itself

The game shows the importance and value of integrating IoT devices into traditional manufacturing processes. With the help of this game, we wanted to remind that IoT development is our focus too, and show a simple representation of why smart factories are beneficial.

Business Value of AR in Media & Entertainment

How do modern businesses use AR to increase their revenues and outperform their industry competitors?

Download the whitepaper

book template 1 - How We Developed an AR Business Card

The Outcome

Instead of a dull paper card, anyone can get a more interactive experience, learn about the company first-hand, and remember the brand better. The last point is extremely important for networking: sales trips, conferences, business meetings.

With the help of an AR experience and an IoT game, we showcase our technological domains of interest and show some of our skills. This makes people remember us better.

On average, we consider our business card a success because it fulfills its purpose quite well.

Frame 29 min - How We Developed an AR Business Card

Want to develop a similar business card or have another project in mind?

Contact us now and get a free quote.

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