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Jegor Alexeichuk
Native vs. Cross-Platform Mobile Development

There are two ways to go about mobile development. In this article, we will compare native tools and cross-platform ones to understand the pros and cons.

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Jegor Alexeichuk
Mobile App vs. Mobile Website: What’s the Best Option for Your Business?

As of 2022, there are roughly 6.65 billion smartphone users around the globe, which is 86% of the global population.No wonder businesses understand that having a mobile presence is a necessity to help your business grow, rather than a fad. The question is which to choose: mobile app vs. mobile website.

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Jegor Alexeichuk
What is Wrong with Flutter? Examining Pros and Cons

In the process of deciding what software development technology to choose for your next mobile application, it might be tempting to fall for everything new and trendy. Who needs native development or old frameworks like React Native (released in 2015) when you can have Flutter?

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Jegor Alexeichuk
Flutter VS React Native, Xamarin, Native Development: Major Pros and Cons

To help you make a choiсe, in this article we will examine a new member of cross-platform development community Flutter SDK and compare it to two popular technologies – React Native and Xamarin, as well as to native development.

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