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Software features that audit companies need the most
Andrey Kazakevich
Audit Management Software: Features that Improve Your Process

Automating internal auditing processes improves quality and assures more accurate results for an auditing company. It also provides better documentation management, allows reports to be generated automatically, and saves time for auditors, who can then devote their time and energy to offering feedback and guidance to customers.

Outsourcing VS In-house banner
Andrey Kazakevich
Outsourced Development Team vs. In-house Developers: What’s the Best Choice for You?

In recent years, the IT outsourcing market has grown rapidly; in fact, it’s expected to reach $133.3 billion in 2025. This is happening because more and more companies are choosing to outsource development when they need to build a new software solution. 

dedicated team banner
Andrey Kazakevich
Dedicated Team Model: How Does it Work and Who Benefits from DTM?

Today, remote work is more popular than ever. The IT industry, which has always been a pioneer in building distributed teams and establishing remote work, is now probably the largest industry making full use of outsourcing.

How much does it cost to hire developers in 2020
Andrey Kazakevich
How Much Does It Cost to Hire Software Developers in 2022

Here we answer the most popular questions about outsourcing: how much does it cost to hire developers, how to control software quality and communicate, etc.

banner project management plan
Andrey Kazakevich
Writing a Project Management Plan for Software Development

Did you know that a lot of projects die at the planning stage? It’s true, and poor project planning is one of the top reasons for failure overall. 

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Sergei Vardomatski - Founder - HQSoftware 2
Sergei Vardomatski


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