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Igor Kunovskiy
Overcoming Monolith-to-Microservices Migration Challenges

The transition from monolithic to microservice architecture is a journey filled with promise, but it’s not without its challenges. Read the article to explore the main migrating monolith-to-microservices challenges and strategies to overcome them.

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Igor Kunovskiy
6 Key Considerations for Planning a Monolith-to-Microservices Migration

The article highlights some key factors to consider before monolithic-to-microservices migration based on the practical experience of a leading software engineer at HQSoftware.

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Igor Kunovskiy
Boost Your Farm’s Yields with IoT-Enabled Smart Farming

The Internet of Things represents a smarter way of organizing many spheres of our lives. Data-driven technology and automation bring total control over the processes that go on in production facilities, hospitals, offices, schools, and our homes. But there is one sphere sometimes overlooked when we are talking about IoT — agriculture. Let’s see how technology helps farmers refine the production process while ensuring top quality.

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Igor Kunovskiy
Smart Building Management Software: Using IoT for Intelligent Cities

We all want to make our lives more comfortable and our surroundings more pleasant and efficient. That’s true not only for our homes but also where we go to work and play. It used to be that we had to adapt our way of doing things to the spaces we occupy. But these days, we increasingly expect our environment to adapt to us. Technology has the power to make cities and the buildings in them safer and more comfortable.

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Igor Kunovskiy
IoT: How to Turn a Hospital into a Smart Hospital

Even when the worldwide economy is affected by a slowdown, the healthcare industry continues to grow. Needless to say, the COVID pandemic has affected healthcare too — with the unbearable burden it has placed on the industry’s shoulders, all participants have been made aware of the deficiencies in healthcare, and found a way to improve hospitals with IoT.

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