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Anna Kundaleva
Top 10 Fintech Startup Ideas for Development in 2022

Have you ever wondered how many applications the fintech industry can possibly offer us? In November 2021, there were more than 26,000 apps worldwide! But despite this wide variety, these apps still don’t cover every need. Today we’re talking about ideas for fintech apps that will definitely be popular in 2022.

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Anna Kundaleva
The Role of Augmented Reality for E-Learning – Interview with Volker Kunze

In a recent interview, an expert on e-learning, technology scout and manager at Additive Minds Academy who has been a part of this form of education for 28 years, Volker Kunze, has explained how AR and VR technology can be transformative for the future. Learn more about it here.

what is wealthtech banner
Anna Kundaleva
What is WealthTech and Its Innovation in Investment Management

According to GlobeNewswire, the wealthech, aka wealth management, technology market, will hit the $137.44 M mark by 2028, which shows how much these financial solutions are transforming the investment and asset management industry. In this article, we’ll give you the wealthtech market overview, as well as describe current and future trends.

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Anna Kundaleva
Fintech Trends: Keys to Success for Finance Apps in 2022

The share of bank executives who believe fintech is having a large impact on wallets and mobile payments globally amounts to 66.7%. If you want to know what current financial trends are having a big impact on app success right now, keep reading.

Data Science in Fintech
Anna Kundaleva
Data Science in Fintech Industry: Examples and Use Cases

Financial companies are concerned with keeping up with the times and effectively using Data Science to provide high-quality products to customers.

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Sergei Vardomatski


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