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Client Reviews of the Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies in the World

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With so many opportunities, choosing the right fintech app development company can be challenging for several reasons. Fintech applications involve complex development, integrating with various systems, and establishing strong security measures. So, there are important considerations around technical skills, domain expertise, and of course the price of a potential vendor.

Hiring the wrong company could result in costly delays, bugs, or even failure to launch. Statistics show that one out of six technological projects experiences a cost overrun averaging  200% and a schedule overrun of 70%.

As an experienced development company, at HQSoftware we have worked with numerous financial startups and enterprises on their digital initiatives across the spectrum: accounting and tax management software, a financial platform to conduct audits, an online trading platform, etc. Relying on our expertise in this sphere, we’ve put together an assessment of the top companies specializing in financial solutions.

Table of contents:

7 Top Fintech App Development Companies in 2024

How Did We Compile the List of Top FinTech App Development Companies?

Trends in the Global Fintech Apps Development Market in 2024


7 Top Fintech App Development Companies in 2024

To build this list, we brought together our expertise, research capabilities, and insights from our clients on how they had chosen a fintech provider. Then we gathered relevant data on each financial app development company, including their expertise, track record, client testimonials, and industry recognition. The companies in the resulting list are organized in no particular order:

  1. HQSoftware
  2. DataArt
  3. NMG Technologies
  4. App Maisters Inc.
  5. Eleks
  6. Idealogic
  7. 3 Sided Cube


Top VR company HQSoftware - Client Reviews of the Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies in the World

HQSoftware is a software development company that engineers comprehensive fintech solutions from accounting to risk management with a dedicated focus on data analytics. Specialists develop customized products that help financial organizations drive performance, reduce risks, and streamline operations.

With focus on business automation, HQSoftware’s portfolio includes solutions that automate manual processes, which in turn reduces operational errors. In an accounting and tax management product, 76% fewer mistakes were reported by clients through end-to-end digitization of all accounting tasks from one platform.

HQSoftware also engineers solutions that ensure security for sensitive financial data streams, implementing robust data encryption protocols, such as SSL, to transmit huge volumes of up-to-date information in real time.

While developing fintech solutions, HQSoftware can implement a microservices architecture. This method is particularly beneficial for financial solutions because of their complex and data-intensive nature. It facilitates continuous integration and faster innovation and enables easy integration of newer technologies.


  • Fintech development consulting
  • Fintech application development services
  • Implementation of AI/ML
  • Migration to cloud
  • DevOps services


Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies DataArt - Client Reviews of the Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies in the World

DataArt offers a wide range of fintech app development services including digital transformation, legacy systems modernization, data management, and analytics platforms. They also specialize in developing insurance systems as well as asset management solutions.

Company engineers design data-driven architecture using cloud-native technologies. They help financial institutions leverage insights hidden in enterprise data assets to optimize operations, manage risks more effectively, and deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences.

Whether it is migrating outdated systems to flexible cloud models or creating AI-powered underwriting platforms, DataArt develops customized solutions that meet tight deadlines and budgets.


  • Custom software development and technology consulting
  • Infrastructure and system modernization
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Industry 4.0, AI / ML, Big Data, and Blockchain
  • Cloud computing
  • CRM / Salesforce

NMG Technologies

Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies NMG Technologies - Client Reviews of the Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies in the World
NMG Technologies

As a finance app development company, NMG specializes in delivering a wide range of technical solutions, including financial mobile app development using both native and cross-platform technologies. NMG also has deep expertise in custom financial web solutions and back-end development, leveraging PHP, Python, .NET, and JAVA frameworks. Their portfolio includes payments processing apps, equity and personal loans solutions, portals and cloud apps, AI-based apps, and Blockchain.

In addition, the company assists enterprises across industries with re-engineering legacy systems, building data platforms, and implementing advanced analytics.

The company provides reliable solutions to a wide range of clients, including NASDAQ-listed corporations and pioneering startups. For startups, NMG provides cost-effective managed services to focus on core product development.


  • Consulting
  • Financial software development
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud computing
  • Integration of AI

App Maisters Inc.

Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies App Maisters - Client Reviews of the Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies in the World
App Maisters

App Maisters Inc. is a fintech development company that focuses on seamless digital banking experiences. A key expertise lies in fintech mobile app development and financial solutions for enterprises.

The company provides end-to-end fintech solutions ranging from core banking systems with omni-channel interfaces to blockchain integration. Whether it is retail banks, investment firms, or fintech startups, App Maisters transforms financial institutions digitally without compromising on agility, security, or flexibility.

App Maisters ensures multi-layered security for its solutions, especially while leveraging the cloud. Their fintech platforms are well-equipped to defend against common security threats like DDoS attacks. It also enables financial organizations to isolate critical data and network functions, minimizing data compromise during breaches.


  • Big Data and analytics
  • Blockchain and AI
  • Digital banking
  • Cloud security and compliance


Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies Eleks - Client Reviews of the Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies in the World

Eleks develops core fintech applications, such as mobile banking apps, digital payment apps, wallets, and finance management systems. Their experts help clients architect robust data platforms and design analytics apps utilizing advanced techniques, such as Machine Learning.

Eleks solutions are built on modern cloud infrastructure and leverage open-banking APIs. Their secure and scalable architectures enable real-time analytics-driven capabilities across the solution stack.


  • Data strategy and data science
  • Security advisory services
  • Mobile banking
  • Asset management, investment management, and brokerage


Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies Idealogic - Client Reviews of the Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies in the World

Whether it’s building consumer- or enterprise-facing applications, Idealogic leverages the latest technologies to deliver customized solutions, including digital banking, trading platforms, asset and wealth management. The company takes an agile, cloud-enabled approach to develop and deploy solutions rapidly without compromising on robustness, scalability, and security.

The team of over 100 highly skilled professionals possesses extensive experience across diverse technology domains crucial for fintech solutions. This includes mobile applications, front-end frameworks, back-end development, blockchain, AI/ML, and UI/UX design.


  • Financial software development
  • Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering Services
  • E-wallets and payment processing

3 Sided Cube

Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies 3 Sided Cube - Client Reviews of the Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies in the World
3 Sided Cube

As a mobile banking application development company, 3 Sided Cube develops banking platforms and digital banking experiences through both web and mobile interfaces. Leveraging expertise in commercial banking, 3 Sided Cube architects flexible, scalable and secure digital platforms. The team modernizes legacy systems through cloud migrations and helps financial institutions transform their technology infrastructure to support new products and services.

Additionally, 3 Sided Cube is at the forefront of blockchain application development. Some key solutions include blockchain-based payment networks, remittance systems, and platforms for tokenized assets.


  • Custom development services
  • Mobile banking
  • Blockchain

How Did We Compile the List of Top FinTech App Development Companies?

Gathering validated input from our customers on the metrics listed below helped us objectively analyze performance and determine the top fintech app developers in the space. We considered the following key factors:

  • Technical skills and financial expertise. We evaluated client ratings of the developer’s skills in relevant technologies, including programming languages, platforms, data analytics, cybersecurity, and cloud computing.
  • Project delivery. According to the client-reported statistics, we estimated on-time and on-budget completions of past projects and chose companies that successfully delivered projects without delays or cost overruns.
  • Security practices. We checked robust security measures and certifications, such as GDPR or PCI DSS, that developers utilize to ensure protection of sensitive financial data against data breaches and other financial crimes.
  • Communication. Based on clients’ reviews, we selected companies with clear communication channels, regular status updates, and a collaborative approach to ensure alignment with client requirements and expectations.
  • Cost-effectiveness. We chose fintech outsourcing companies that offer transparent pricing models, provide accurate project estimations, and demonstrate value for the investment made.

Frame 29 min - Client Reviews of the Top 7 Fintech App Development Companies in the World

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