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Top 10 IoT Development Companies 2019, by Domain Focus

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IoT development companies offer a diverse range of services. It may take time to find a suitable company, as you’ll need to research what they offer, whether that’s consulting, prototyping, MVP development, or full-cycle software development. More and more, device-oriented Internet of Things service providers offers both hardware development and firmware development, so that you receive a fully functional solution.

This list presents 10 eminent IoT solution companies that focus either on distinct fields of IoT development or provide their clients with end-to-end services. These companies were included in the top lists by various research agencies: Clutch, GoodFirms, and others.

One-stop IoT Solution Providers

The following companies focus on being full-cycle business partners that can deliver a working product, e.g. a smart-home device created from scratch.


This IoT development company has gained special expertise working with full-cycle IoT projects for such eminent businesses as BBC, Sega, and HTC. The company’s priority is to create solutions delivered by broad-thinking talents.

The company provides clients with technology consulting, hardware development and firmware development, builds IoT platforms and device networks, and creates IoT apps. HQSoftware creates fully functional IoT products, from hardware proof of concept to software design and development.

At HQSoftware you can opt for end-to-end services and get the exact solution you want. You will also get unique R&D services that will ensure your solution performs perfectly.


Altran is a global design and software engineering company. This is a large company known for delivering “from customer to chip,” which means the company is able to perform everything from software development to hardware engineering.

Altran’s software development services are targeted at businesses that plan strategic growth. The services include software design, DevOps consulting, and product development.

Like HQSoftware, Altran offers end-to-end services in IoT software, plus hardware development.

Hardware Development Companies

IoT hardware development companies focus on creating devices. Later they will carry firmware or software that will make these devices full-fledged smart appliances.


Zalmotek builds production-ready hardware models for IoT projects. The company works with Arduino and Raspberry Pi and also does PBC design and microcontroller design. Customers can also ask for an initial assessment of hardware prototypes.

The main IoT development focus of the company is wearables.

NXP Semiconductors

NXP builds hardware for secure connected vehicles, parts of smart home systems, and privacy and security solutions. Its main focus is on automotive, industrial devices, and smart connected devices.

NXP has gathered a great community where you can ask any question and get answers from support staff and experienced users.

Redpine Signals

One of Redpine Signals’ products is a Highly Integrated Smart Home Chip — an indispensable piece of IoT hardware. In addition to smart home systems, this company produces hardware components for healthcare, industrial IoT, and fitness wearables.

The list of preferred technologies includes Wi-Fi, BLE, wireless MCU, and more. 

IoT Software Development Companies

These companies are experienced in creating IoT software; if you need only the “soft” part of your IoT development project, you can turn to the following IoT app development companies.


Very is positioning itself as a technology partner that can provide expert software development and design services. The company tends to focus on one project at a time.

The three industries of interest are finance, media, and retail. There are 8 reviews on Clutch that are mainly positive, resulting in a company rating of 4.8/5.

Very pays extra attention to solution security, which is crucial for IoT apps development. The company also works with Linux.

Digital Scientists

This company is an integrated, forward-looking team of product designers and software developers who specialize in using the latest frameworks. They prefer a “design thinking” approach for solving complex problems.

The company develops IoT apps for smart networks, e.g. smart thermostats, bulbs, and others. The company’s specialists will also integrate the developed solution with third-party components.


Art+Logic is a company that brings together engineers and artists to create software solutions “from concept to maturity.”

In terms of IoT, this company creates software for field data collection, sensor monitoring, and remote smart home applications.

According to Clutch, the company’s rating is 4.5/5, with strong word-of-mouth referrals and returning customers. The company claims to meet and even exceed customer expectations.

Firmware Development Companies

The following companies choose to focus on firmware development, a type of software that is usually run on a less powerful machine than a computer. In IoT, such devices include sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, and so on.

Dogtown Media

Dogtown Media focuses on developing firmware for home automation tools, smart devices with embedded BLE, and others. Clients can turn to this business to get free project consultation.

The company caters to the needs of industries such as healthcare and medical equipment, financial services, and media.

Dogtown Media mostly works with Raspberry Pi device controls, Bluetooth-connected devices, and Arduino. Partnering with this business, you will get expert firmware development services.

FS Studio

FS Studio is a company that focuses on mid-market clients and enterprises and offers IoT firmware development services. This company works mostly with gaming and education industry businesses.

Customers can turn to FS Studio for BLE or Wi-Fi firmware, or to create custom protocols. The company’s rating on Clutch is 5/5.

As you can see from this summary, IoT solution providers differ in terms of which services they primarily focus on. Choose wisely among vendors to settle on the right one, depending on your needs.

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