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Software Development
Overcoming Monolith-to-Microservices Migration Challenges

The transition from monolithic to microservice architecture is a journey filled with promise, but it’s not without its challenges. Read the article to explore the main migrating monolith-to-microservices challenges and strategies to overcome them.

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Software Development
6 Key Considerations for Planning a Monolith-to-Microservices Migration

The article highlights some key factors to consider before monolithic-to-microservices migration based on the practical experience of a leading software engineer at HQSoftware.

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Software Development
Microservices vs Monolithic: Which Architecture is Better?

Read the article to find out which architecture to choose for your project to remain a winner in the battle of microservices vs monolith.

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Fintech Software Development
How to Ensure Data Security and Confidentiality When Outsourcing FinTech Software Development

Explore some best practices that will help ensure security of business sensitive data while outsourcing fintech development.

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Software Development
Communication in Software Development when Outsourcing: from Challenges to Solutions

In this article, we will explore the importance of effective communication in the software development process and discuss strategies that can help facilitate communication between you and your outsourcing team.

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