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Why Ready-to-Go WMS Solutions Fall Short and How HQSoftware Can Help

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Off-the-shelf Warehouse Management System (WMS) software may seem a convenient option for companies wishing to automate and optimize their operations. However, such systems frequently fail to meet the unique needs and requirements of different organizations.

In this blog post, we will explore how ready-to-go WMS solutions can put limitations on your business potential and show you how HQSoftware can help overcome them.

Table of contents:

Understanding WMS Solutions

What are the limitations of Ready-to-Go WMS?

The Solution: Custom WMS Development

Our Approach to Custom WMS Development

Examples of Custom WMS


Understanding WMS Solutions

A WMS solution is a centralized platform to manage various warehouse activities, including completing orders, picking and packaging, shipping, receiving, etc. Using the software, you can simplify warehouse operations, automate processes, and boost business efficiency.

limited features of a WMS png - Why Ready-to-Go WMS Solutions Fall Short and How HQSoftware Can Help
Standard features of a WMS solution

WMS solutions can vary in their features, complexity, and industry focus. For instance, some solutions may cater to specific industries such as manufacturing, e-commerce, or HoReCA, offering additional functionalities tailored to their unique requirements.

So, before choosing WMS software, assess your specific business needs, evaluate the required functionalities, and pay attention to warehouse management system limitations that might appear.

What are the disadvantages and limitations of Ready-to-Go Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)?

Despite the advantages of ready-made warehouse management systems, such as quick implementation and low initial costs, as with any other technology, this software also has its disadvantages and limitations, such as:

  • basic functionality;
  • inflexibility;
  • scalability concerns;
  • integration challenges;
  • poor user adoption;
  • inaccurate data and system reliability; and
  • security issues.

 Basic functionality

A ready-to-go WMS usually has a unified set of features — for example, inventory management, picking and packing, shipping, and receiving — but it may not cover your more specific needs. This can include features related to quality control, batch management, cross-docking, or specific types of inventory tracking.

Also, typical WMS solutions may fall short in providing advanced analytics using AI and ML capabilities, which is crucial for a comprehensive overview of business operations and identifying trends and customer needs. Without those features, it’s quite challenging to gain actionable insights, track key performance indicators, and make informed business decisions.


Since off-the-shelf WMS solutions aim to fit as many companies as possible, they usually cover a standard workflow that may not quite be the right option for you. Once you’ve put such a system in place, it can be time-consuming and costly to customize or adjust it, especially if your WMS has restrictions on changes. Additionally, if your workflow shifts frequently, it may be inefficient to update the system every time.

Scalability concerns

As your business grows, your warehouse operations may require scaling up or adapting to new workflows. Standard WMS templates usually contain pre-built features such as reports, displays, and system configurations that can be difficult to adapt to changing business requirements. So, as your business activities expand, a “boxed” WMS may quickly reach its functional limits, requiring vendor services or a new system.

Integration challenges

Some industries rely on specialized software or systems that are integral to their operations, such as automated storage and retrieval systems, robotics, or transportation management systems (TMS). Off-the-shelf WMS solutions may not have seamless integration capabilities with these industry-specific systems, resulting in suboptimal performance and limited visibility across the supply chain.

Poor user adoption

To be adopted quickly and easily, a new system must have an intuitive and user-friendly interface. If the interface is complex or cluttered, it means a steep learning curve for your warehouse staff and increased errors.

Security issues

Usually, the security of a ready-made WMS is regulated by its provider. If the system has poor data protection, leading to data leakage or loss, it could be challenging for you to identify and investigate security incidents without full visibility and control of the system.

Also, if your business needs to comply with specific industry and local regulations, you are likely to struggle to find a suitable “boxed” WMS.

Frame 29 min - Why Ready-to-Go WMS Solutions Fall Short and How HQSoftware Can Help

Want to create a WMS solution with focus on your business needs? We’re ready to help!

HQSoftware has a team of skilled professionals ready to tackle the project. Let’s talk!

Anna Halias
Business Development Manager

So, how to mitigate these WMS disadvantages and maximize the benefits of implementing the new system?

The Solution:Custom WMS Development

Most WMS limitations can be addressed through custom development. A customized approach delivers a purpose-built system, ensuring improved business performance. Here are several reasons to opt for custom WMS implementation:

  • focus on specific business needs;
  • scalable and flexible functionality;
  • modern technology stack;
  • smooth system integration;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • strong data protection;
  • advanced data analytics.

Focus on specific business needs

With a tailored development approach, you can choose a set of features that best suit your operations. The system will streamline just the most important performance areas without non-value-adding functionality. Whether it’s compliance with regulatory standards, specialized inventory management capabilities, or specific reporting requirements, a custom solution can address the unique needs of your industry.

As a custom WMS development company, we at HQSoftware thoroughly investigate your specific warehouse processes and growth plans to deliver solutions tailored to your current and future needs.

Scalable and flexible functionality

A reliable custom partner always keeps in mind your potential business growth and employs modern technologies and agile practices to deliver flexible and scalable solutions. So, your customized system will be able to quickly adapt to growing inventory volumes, new warehouse locations, or changing business operations.

Modern technology stack

Trustworthy WMS providers choose an architecture with a forward-looking tech stack that gives the custom WMS longer viability. This allows for ongoing optimization of the system’s functionality as the business and technology landscapes evolve.

Also, modern frameworks support integration patterns such as APIs, microservices, and cloud-native methods that facilitate connectivity to other systems now and in the future.

Smooth system integration

Using a customized WMS, you may create an integration architecture that is uniquely suited to the requirements of your business. So, you can specify the internal and external systems you need to integrate with. For instance, CRM, TMS, or ERP.

User-friendly interface

Compared to a ready-made WMS, which is stuck with standard interface screens, a customized WMS will feature a UI and UX design tailored to your employees’ daily use. This purpose-built user interface will encourage and speed up adoption by employees.

Strong data protection 

With custom WMS development, you can establish clear contractual terms that will protect the rights to access and use any proprietary information or generated reports. Additionally, you can install advanced data protection tools such as encryption or firewalls, implement network security controls, and conduct security assessments and audits.

Advanced data analytics

Custom development opens possibilities for advanced data capture, reporting, monitoring, and predictive analytics beyond out-of-the-box options. You can also take advantage of AI and ML to gain deeper insights from warehouse operations over time.

features of a customized WMS - Why Ready-to-Go WMS Solutions Fall Short and How HQSoftware Can Help
Why to choose a customized WMS

Our Approach to Custom WMS Development

HQSoftware’s expertise in developing customized WMS solutions ensures that you will get a reliable, flexible, and scalable system that optimizes your warehouse operations and gives you a competitive advantage. As a trustworthy WMS software provider, we adhere to the following approach:

  1. Agile methodology. We use an iterative approach, with two- to four-week sprints, to provide you with ongoing communication, timely feedback, and bug-fixing in the early stages.
  2. Experienced development team. Working with WMS projects, our specialists are ready to offer you hands-on experience in WMS software development, database management systems, integration frameworks, and user interface design.
  3. Consultative approach. We work closely with our clients to understand the requirements and then design the system architecture that will best fit their needs. This involves defining the overall structure, modules, and components of the WMS.
  4. Focus on business needs. By focusing solely on each client’s priorities, processes, and strategic objectives, we ensure that our custom solutions deliver maximum operational value where off-the-shelf products often fall short.

During our collaboration, we provide transparency, so you can regularly review and reassess the project’s progress and adjust priorities to ensure that the final custom WMS solution meets the specific needs of your warehouse operations.

Examples of Custom WMS

At HQSoftware, we’ve already worked with various WMS projects dedicated to different aspects of warehouse operations. Below are some examples.

 Advanced navigation to simplify order picking and packing

Employees may have difficulty quickly finding the right item if it is stored in numerous locations within the warehouse. To overcome this challenge, one of our clients incorporated a mobile app to enhance warehouse navigation.

The solution  generates optimal picking routes depending on the warehouse layout, item location, and distance from the pickers’ current locations. To decrease the time needed for picking orders even more, the software is enhanced with voice and visual guidance.

Predictive analytics to control inventory

If you face difficulties in providing sufficient stock to meet customer needs, you might require a WMS with predictive analytics features. Using Machine Learning models, we have engineered a WMS with demand forecasting capabilities.

By analyzing both past and current operational data, the system can understand ideal stock levels and determine the optimal demand for a required period, cutting unnecessary expenses.

Enhanced E-3PL software to automate inventory operations

To operate your warehouse at its highest efficiency, your stock operations need to be as automated as possible. Our team created intelligent software that automates most warehouse processes, tackling numerous tasks autonomously.

This advanced system provides automatic generation of replenishment orders based on predicted consumer demand, improves warehouse audits, and offers information about product availability and price in real-time.


Custom development gives you the opportunity to overcome warehouse management system limitations and create a solution that improves operational efficiency, reduces operational time and costs, and supports your long-term growth. It offers a strategic advantage by aligning the software with:

  • your unique requirements;
  • scalable and flexible functionality;
  • modern technology stack;
  • smooth system integration;
  • intuitiveUI/UX design;
  • strict data security.

Drawing on 20 + years of experience in IT services development, we at HQSoftware are ready to provide you with a dedicated development team that will explore the specific needs of your business, ensuring the long-term success of your WMS. Contact us at any time to learn more about our WMS development services.

Andrei Kazakevich

Head of Production

To ensure the outstanding quality of HQSoftware’s solutions and services, I took the position of Head of Production and manager of the Quality Assurance department. Turn to me with any questions regarding our tech expertise.

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