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Recent technology trends over the years show that when it comes to web-access, consumers are no longer bound to traditional desktop (and laptop) computers anymore. More, and more users are going mobile—so an efficient mobile/tablet access to your web-application is crucial. Having an effective mobile web-interface brings your system to the user’s pocket. It opens the gate for a huge variety of platform-independent applications avoiding the high development costs and compatibility issues of “native” apps.

This approach fits perfectly for a variety of applications that exchange data with the users, meaning HQSoftware is able to create almost anything that you can think of that can be supported by the mobile web, except of course video games. 

Applications that our team has worked on apart from “typical e-commerce,” are:

  1. A car dealer enabling customers manage their fleet maintenance to management interfaces of industrial robots.
  2. A cluster of smart street and office lights.
  3. Mobile FX trading, scanning and reporting the readings from utility meters and many others…

Actually, tasks which were once considered “native” (desktop, or laptop) such as image processing, and text recognition are now able to work exceptionally well on a HTML/JS interface which is meant for mobile—this means that HQSoftware customers are able to save a great deal of money, when one single system is able to do the tasks that were typically handled by three different native platforms. This flexibility allows HQSoftware to test your ideas on a variety of devices.

Using tools like Cordova/Phonegap or Xamarin, CouchDB, and PouchDB lets us create applications that can run on devices even if they’re offline and sync the data when the connection is restored. Our team is able to deliver the application to any Apple device via the Appstore, any Android device via Google Play, and any Windows Phone via Windows retaining the marketing power of “having an app.”


Java/C++ (Android), Objective-C/Swift (iOS), C# (windows Phone)
Xamarin (iOS, Android, WP), Qt (iOS, Android, Blackberry)
Apache Cordova (Phonegap), Meteor, Mobile Angular UI, Ionic, Sencha Touch
Domain-specific solutions
Social/chat (XMPP, Smack, OpenFire)
Augmented reality/computer vision (OpenCV, Metaio)
Data visualization (D3.JS, HighCharts)
Location aware apps (Pocketshpinx)
Retail (surveys, barcode scanning)
Home automation (UDPTransmit)
Streaming media (Wowza)
3rd party API integration: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Amazon


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